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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Orchidaceae
Tribe  Maxillarieae
Scientific name  Paphinia
Rank  Genus
Order  Asparagales
Subfamily  Epidendroideae
Subtribe  Stanhopeinae
Higher classification  Orchids
Paphinia httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsee
Similar  Orchids, Paphinia herrerae, Houlletia, Stenia, Polycycnis

Ingrown paphinia orchid flower spike emergency repot

Paphinia, abbreviated in horticultural trade Pna, is a genus of orchids, composed of an estimated 16 species from Central America, northern South America and Trinidad. These species are medium-sized epiphytes with small ovoid pseudobulbs and 2 or more leaves. The generic name comes from the Greek Paphia, the name of Aphrodite of Cyprus. Most authorities consider the genus rare.


Paphinia Paphinia herrerae Ecuagenera

Species accepted as of June 2014:

  1. Paphinia benzingii Dodson & Neudecker - Ecuador
  2. Paphinia cristata (Lindl.) Lindl. - Trinidad, Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, northern Brazil
  3. Paphinia dunstervillei Dodson & G.A.Romero - Venezuela
  4. Paphinia grandiflora Barb.Rodr. - northern Brazil
  5. Paphinia herrerae Dodson - Ecuador
  6. Paphinia hirtzii Dodson - Ecuador
  7. Paphinia levyae Garay - Ecuador
  8. Paphinia lindeniana Rchb.f. - Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru
  9. Paphinia litensis Dodson & Neudecker - Ecuador
  10. Paphinia neudeckeri Jenny - Ecuador, Colombia
  11. Paphinia posadarum Dodson & R.Escobar - Ecuador, Colombia
  12. Paphinia rugosa Rchb.f. - Colombia
  13. Paphinia seegeri G.Gerlach - Colombia
  14. Paphinia subclausa Dressler - Costa Rica
  15. Paphinia vermiculifera G.Gerlach & Dressler - Panama
  16. Paphinia zamorae Garay - Ecuador
Paphinia galeriapaphinia Mundiflora Cuenca Ecuador

Hybrids include:

  • Paphinia Majestic (P. cristata x P. herrerae)
  • Paphinia Memoria Remo Lombardi (P. herrerae x P. lindeniana)
  • Gonginia (Gongora x Paphinia), an intergeneric hybrid

  • Paphinia Paphinia Wikipedia la enciclopedia libre

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    Paphinia galeriapaphinia Mundiflora Cuenca Ecuador
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    Paphinia Paphinia lindeniana Wikipedia
    Paphinia Paphinia Majestic presented by Orchids Limited


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