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Panel Action Bingo

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Genre(s)  Action/Adventure
Developer  Locus
Initial release date  November 1993
Platform  Game Boy
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Publisher  Fujisankei Communications International
Modes  Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
Similar  Power Mission, Mouse Trap Hotel, Bionic Battler, Go! Go! Tank, Nail 'n' Scale

Game boy panel action bingo 1993

Panel Action Bingo is a Game Boy action/adventure video game where the player controls a bird. It was released in November 1993 to an exclusively North American market.


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The player's goal is to compete with a cat to navigate and claim squares on a Bingo card, with either numbers or letters pseudorandomly arranged in 1 to 25 or A to Z, respectively. This directly contradicts the number order of real Bingo where the numbers range from 1 to 75 (with each column getting fifteen numbers assigned to it). Also contrary to standard Bingo, the card is shared by both the cat and bird, and the squares are claimed by moving to the next square of numerical/alphabetical order and pressing the A button. Since the cat and bird cannot occupy the same square, the game is more about planning and strategy than flat out luck of ordinary Bingo. Claiming five numbers in a row, column, or main diagonal is a "bingo", claiming the most numbers without making a bingo is also a win. In a single-player game, earning multiple simultaneous bingos will provide an extra chance for each extra line made.


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