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Pandanus odorifer

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Pandanaceae
Scientific name  Pandanus odorifer
Rank  Species
Order  Pandanales
Genus  Pandanus
Higher classification  Screwpine
Pandanus odorifer Pandanus odorifer Fragrant Pandan Screw Pine information amp photos
Similar  Screwpine, Pandanaceae, Pandanus boninensis, Pandanus tectorius, Pandanus utilis

Pandanus odorifer is an aromatic monocot species of plant in the Pandanaceae family, native to Polynesia, Australia, South Asia (Andaman Islands), and the Philippines, and is also found wild in southern India and Burma. It is commonly known as screw-pine.


Pandanus odorifer Pandanus odorifer Images Useful Tropical Plants


Pandanus odorifer Pandanus odorifer Fragrant Pandan Screw Pine information amp photos

In addition to screw-pine, other common English names for the tree include kewda, fragrant screw pine, umbrella tree and screw tree.

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In India, the tree goes by a variety of names, many deriving from the Sanskrit kētakī (केतकी). In Arabic speaking countries, the tree is referred to as al-kādi (الكادي). In Japan, the tree is called adan (アダン [阿檀]) and grows on Okinawa.


Pandanus odorifer Pandanus odorifer The Total Vascular Flora of Singapore Online

It is a small branched, palm-like dioecious tree with a flexuous trunk supported by brace roots. The tree can grow to a height of 4 meters. Leaves grow in clusters at the branch tips, with rosettes of sword-shaped, stiff (leather-like) and spiny bluish-green, fragrant leaves. Leaves are glaucous, 40–70 cm. long. In summer, the tree bears very fragrant flowers, used as perfume. In Yemen, they are predominantly found alongside flowing streams in the western escarpment foothills; Most common in high rainfall areas. The fragrant male flowers are wrapped in leaves and sold on roadsides and in markets. Only male plants seem to occur in Yemen. Some suggest that it was introduced into Yemen from India where its flowers are used chiefly to make perfume.


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The tree is propagated vegetatively, by the offshoots of young plants that grow around the base of the trunk, but may also be increased by seed. If by the former method, the offsets should be cut off and set in sand, at a temperature of 65° or 70°. The cuttings root slowly and the plants for a time make very slow growth. The general cultural treatment is that of palms. Trees require an abundance of water in summer.

Other uses

Pandanus odorifer Pandanus odorifer Images Useful Tropical Plants

An aromatic oil (kevda oil) and fragrant distillate (otto) called keorra-ka-arak are extracted from the male flowers. They are almost exclusively used in the form of a watery distillate called kewra water. Flowers have a sweet, perfumed odor that has a pleasant quality similar to rose flowers, although kewra is considered more fruity. The distillate (kewra water, pandanus flower water) is quite diluted- it can be used by the teaspoon, often even by the tablespoon.

Pandanus odorifer Pandanus odorifer


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