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Genre  World
Record label  Arctic Voice Records
Pamyua httpsstatic1squarespacecomstatic567742e2cbc
Members  Stephen Blanchett, Phillip Blanchett, Ossie Kairaiuak, Karina Møller
Albums  Drums of the North, mengluni, Side A / Side B, Verses, Caught In The Act, Verses-Apallut
Similar  Yungchen Lhamo, Quetzal Guerrero, I Sing - You Dance, Astrid Hadad, Keith Secola

Pamyua alaska band

Pamyua (/ˈbʌmj.ə/ BUM-yoh-ə) (literally: "its tail" in Yup'ik from pamyuq "tail of animal or kayak; chorus of song; upper stern-piece of kayak") is a Yupik musical group from Anchorage in the U.S. state of Alaska.


Pamyua PAMYUA blog

Pamyua unuraanga music video


Pamyua Pamyua Soars with New Song PAMYUA

Pamyua's music is self-described as "tribal funk" and "world music". Most of their songs are based on traditional Yupik, Inuit and Greenlandic chants, but the group is well known for reinterpreting them in modern styles, such as the song "Cayauqa Nauwa", which has been performed a cappella (mengluni, 1998) and with Pacific Islander influences (Caught in the Act, 2003), as well as traditionally (Drums of the North, 2005).

Pamyua Alaskan Group Pamyua Blends Traditional Inuit Music with

Pamyua has toured across the United States and the world, performing at many world music festivals. In 2003, Pamyua won the Record of the Year Nammy for their album Caught in the Act. They opened the celebration of the National Museum of the American Indian. The National Museum of the American Indian also released a compilation recording featuring the music of Pamyua.

Pamyua has provided background music for Flying Wild Alaska.


  • mengluni (1998)
  • Verses (Apallut) (2001)
  • Caught in the Act (2003)
  • Drums of the North (2005)
  • Members

    Pamyua Pamyua Live in Concert
  • Stephen Blanchett, Yupik and African American heritage
  • Phillip Blanchett, Yupik and African American heritage
  • Ossie Kairaiuak,Yupik heritage
  • Karina Møller, Greenlandic Inuit heritage

  • Pamyua Pamyua Live in Concert
    Pamyua KNOM News Profiles Pamyua at Nome39s 2011 Folk Fest


    Ocean PrayerSide A / Side B · 2012
    Tarvarnauramkenmengluni · 1998
    Reindeer Herding Songmengluni · 1998


    Pamyua Wikipedia

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