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Paice (company)

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Native name  Paice LLC
Industry  Automotive
Founder  Alex Severinsky
Type  LLC
Number of locations  1
Founded  1992
Paice (company) wwwpaicehybridcomwpcontentuploads201307pai
Headquarters  Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Key people  Frances Keenan (Executive Chairman)

Paice is a Baltimore headquartered hybrid technology company. She holds numerous patents in this field of technology. This technology is a transitory technology from gas driven vehicle to electricity driven . Her fighting 'David against Goliath' to defend its claims is noteworthy.



Paice developed early hybrid-electric powertrain concepts for passenger vehicles in the 1990's. Paice developed 'Hyperdrive'. Founder is Alex Severinsky, a Russian emigrant, 1992. In recent years, Paice LLC has been controlled by the Abell Foundation, and has focused on patent litigation. Paice has sued Toyota, Ford, and most recently Hyundai for allegedly infringing on its patents.

Field of Operation

Paice develops hybrid technologies for automotive use. Technologies, as developed by Paice are applied in Toyota Prius, Ford C-MAX, Porsche CayenneHybrid and other vehicles. Besides development marketing and defense of patents held are essential tasks.


Paice holds about 29 patents in the field of hybrid vehicle drivetrain.

Core patents are

  • Paice US patent 6.209.672, Hybrid car with two electric motors, one connected to engine and one connected to car wheels, from 1998
  • Paice US-Patent 5.343.970, Improved hybrid electric vehicle where both engine and electric motor power the car, and energy is captured via regenerative braking, from 1992 and
  • Paice US patent 6.338.391, Electric motor coupled to turbocharged motor, and control system dating from 1999 as basic patents.
  • Patent Conflicts

    Against Hyundai because of Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, and Kia,because of its Kia Optima hybrid car, compensations millions worth were successfully claimed. Similar claims against Ford in 7 of 25 patent appeals by Ford ended up in final decisions by US patent office USPTAB in favour of paice, further decisions are in progress.

    Some claims though were lost.

    Paice's claims were backed by the Abell Foundation, an risk capital partner.

    Paice says, that VW, Audi and Porsche used Paice patented technology infringing Paice's patents.


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