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Pacifico (album)

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Recorded  1997-1998
Release date  2000
Artist  The Lassie Foundation
Released  1999, Re-released October 31, 2000
Label  Original: Self-released Re-release: Grand Theft Autumn
Pacifico (1999/2000)  The El Dorado LP (2001)
Genres  Shoegazing, Indie pop, Dream pop, Noise pop
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The lassie foundation 01 scapa flow

Pacifico is the debut album by The Lassie Foundation. The album was originally self-released in 1999, but the band re-released the album in 2000 on Grand Theft Autumn. The album has minor-key melodies and falsetto harmonies. The songs contain much guitar, which give the album a fuzzy, shoegaze feel with a lot of feedback. The album is heavily influenced by both My Bloody Valentine and The Beach Boys. The album is highly acclaimed by Allmusic.


Track listing

  • All songs composed by the band
    1. "Scapa Flow" - 1:24
    2. "Dive Bomber" - 4:21
    3. "Crown Of The Sea: - 4:03
    4. "She's The Coming Sun/ She's Long Gone " - 3:17
    5. "Come On. Let Your Lime Light Shine" - 3:18
    6. "El Rey" - 4:09
    7. "The Moon Won't Let You Wait" - 3:35
    8. "Kisses As Bounties" - 3:13
    9. "I've Got The Rock And Roll For You" - 4:09
    10. "Bombers Moon" - 4:38
    11. "You Are Infinity" - 3:53


    1Scapa Flow1:24
    2Dive Bomber4:22
    3Crown of the Sea4:04


    Pacifico (album) Wikipedia

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