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Country  India
Taluka  Nakhtrana
District  Kutch
Province  Gujarat

Time zone  Indian Standard Time (UTC+5.30)

Pabumath is an Indus Valley Civilisation archaeological site in Kutch District of Gujarat, India.



Archaeological Survey of India has undertaken excavation at this location during 1977-78,1978–79,1980-81.


A large building complex, unicorn seal, shell bangles, beads, copper bangles, needles, antimony rods, steatite micro beads; pottery include large and medium size jars, beaker, dishes, dish-on-stand, perforated jars etc.; fine red pottery with black painted designs etc. were found during 1980-81 excavations. Animal remains of cattle, buffalo, fish, sheep, wild pig and rabbit were also found.

Other observations

This site is in Kutch district, where several other IVC sites such as Dholavira, Desalpur, Surkotada etc. are located. Evidence of fortification was found at this site as well as at Desalpur, Netra-Khissar, Surkotada, Dholavira, Kotada, Meghpar, Sevakia, Chitrod, Kanmer etc. which are nearby IVC sites.


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