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PCTI Solutions

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Products  Docman EDT Hub
Founded  1993
Type of business  Private
Number of employees  135
Industry  Software, Electronic Document Management, Electronic Document Transfer, specifically for Healthcare
Headquarters  Castleford, United Kingdom

'PCTI Solutions' is a provider of electronic document management and transfer solutions designed specifically for healthcare organisations in the UK.



Docman is used by over 6,000 GP practices Docman to manage documents electronically. The software is used by every GP practice in NHS Scotland and is cited in the Good Practice Guidelines for General Practice Good Practice Guidelines.


EDT Hub is used by over 40 NHS Trusts to send documents electronically from NHS Secondary Care Trusts to NHS Primary Care Trusts. More recently the solution has been chosen by NHS Scotland for a national roll-out as reported in The Guardian.

EDT Hub has ability to link multiple secondary care organisations with multiple primary care organisations, and saves the NHS money because it reduces paper consumption and printing costs whilst speeding up delivery and reducing the risk of document loss.

Documents typically handled by EDT Hub include:

  • Discharge Summaries
  • Discharge Letters
  • Encounter Reports
  • Radiology Reports
  • Outpatient Clinic Letters
  • Out-of-Hours Reports
  • This product is notable as one of the first of its kind to be granted NHS Interoperability Toolkit Accreditation.


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