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Our Lips Are Sealed (film)

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Director  Craig Shapiro
Prequel  Passport to Paris
Country  United States Australia
5/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Crime, Family
Sequel  Winning London
Language  English
Our Lips Are Sealed (film) movie poster
Writer  Elizabeth Kruger, Craig Shapiro
Release date  November 21, 2000
Executive producers  Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Robert Thorne
Cast  Mary-Kate Olsen (Maddie Parker), Ashley Olsen (Abby Parker), Jim Meskimen, Tamara Clatterbuck, Robert Miano, Jason Clarke
Similar movies  Our Lips Are Sealed and Passport to Paris are part of the same movie series

Our lips are sealed 2000 teaser vhs capture

Our Lips Are Sealed is a 2000 direct-to-video film featuring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The film was set and filmed in Sydney, Australia.


Our Lips Are Sealed (film) movie scenes


Our Lips Are Sealed (film) movie scenes

The family of twin sisters Maddie and Abby Parker are placed in the FBI's Witness Protection Program after they witness a robber at the local museum, in which the priceless Kneel Diamond is stolen. Unfortunately, Maddie and Abby have a problem of being blabbermouths; as a result, everywhere the Parkers are sent to live, the girls inadvertently end up revealing their witness status. The gang is led by a crime lord with the rather unfortunate surname of Hatchew ("Bless you!"), who will do anything to get his hands on the diamond, which the thieves slipped into Abby's shoulder-bag during their escape from the crime scene; the gem ultimately ends up being set into her necklace. The family travels everywhere in the United States, from Texas to a prairie town, and eventually has been moved to every geographic location around the world possible, with the single exception of Australia – thus the FBI (who by this time are getting absolutely fed up of having to constantly relocate the Parkers, and all because Maddie and Abby can't keep their mouths shut!) send them to live in Sydney. The girls at first have much trouble, especially fitting in with peers. Two assassins named Mac and Sidney are sent after them after having discovered their location by breaking into the FBI office. Maddie and Abby defeat Mac and Sidney by knocking them out, tying them to surf boards and putting clips in Sidney's hair, painting Mac's toenails and threatening to put bras on them. The twins manage to convince them to change sides; they leave after the girls lure Hatchew to Australia. He comes after them, manages to get the diamond and sets his thug on them. It looks like it's over for them until Mac and Sidney return and defeat the thug, saving the girls. Hatchew nearly gets away on a seaplane, but Maddie and Abby stop him using a boomerang and he is arrested by Katie, an undercover FBI agent posing as a lifeguard. The Parkers are finally able to return home to the United States with half the reward money for capturing the bad guys.


Our Lips Are Sealed (film) movie scenes
  • Mary-Kate Olsen ... Maddie Parker
  • Ashley Olsen ... Abby Parker
  • Jim Meskimen ... Rick Parker
  • Tamara Clatterbuck ... Teri Parker
  • Robert Miano ... Hatchew
  • Jason Clarke ... Mac
  • Richard Carter ... Sidney
  • Jo Phillips ... Katie
  • Harold Hopkins ... Shelby Shaw (Oakland resident)
  • Ernie Hudson Jr. ... Agent Banner
  • Willie Garson ... Agent Norm
  • Jade Bronneberg ... Victoria
  • Ryan Clark ... Pete
  • Scott Swalwell ... Avery
  • Nina Schultz ... Sheila
  • Chris Foy ... Donny
  • Daniel Wakefield ... Ray
  • Pete Callan ... News reporter Milo
  • Chris Stapley ... Leonard
  • Katie Fountain ... Vanessa
  • Randall Rapstine ... Principal
  • Marguerite MacIntyre ... Teacher
  • J. P. Manoux ... Robber
  • Kenneth Davitian ... Thug #1 (pants on the ground)
  • Douglas Fisher ... Judge
  • Brett Blewitt ... Yacht steward
  • Harry Dajill McKaykanalis, Michael Hodge ... Henchmen (the murdere of the pineapple)

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