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Oryol i Reshka

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Country of origin  Ukraine
No. of episodes  286
Network  Inter
8.4/10 IMDb

No. of series  14
First episode date  13 February 2011
Number of episodes  286
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Created by  Teen Spirit Studio Katerina Turova Elena Sinelnikova
Directed by  Yevgen Synelnykov Anton Scherbakov Vasyl Khomko Nikita Chizhov Jaroslav Andrushchenko
Starring  Alan Badoyev Zhanna Badoyeva Andrey Bednyakov Lesya Nikityuk Nastya Korotka Kolya Serga Regina Todorenko Yevgen Synelnykov Pyotr Romanov Anton Ptushkin Anastasia Ivleeva
Program creators  Olena Synelnykova, Katerina Turova
Writers  Yuliia Avramenko, Maksym Storozhuk, Serhii Symanchuk, Taisiia Yusupova, Mykyta Chyzhov
Awards  TEFI Award for Best Lifestyle Entertainment Program
Similar  Revizorro, Mir naiznanku, Make Me Laugh (original), Golos, Comedy Club

Oryol i Reshka (Ukrainian: Орел і Решка, Орёл и Решка, lit. Heads and Tails) is a Ukrainian television travel series that launched in 2011. It is broadcast in the Russian language in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, and reruns are also available on Polish and Transnistrian television.


Oryol i Reshka is hosted by two co-hosts. In each episode, the show visits another location in the world for one weekend. One of the hosts (determined by a coin toss) receives a credit card with unlimited credit (in practice, this has been limited to US$30,000 per day), called the Gold Card, while the other has to spend the weekend with US$100 including all expenses. Starting with the second season, the show has hidden a bottle with $100 in each visited location for travelers to find.

A spin-off, called Oryol i Reshka Shopping dealing with shopping, began airing on February 15, 2014.

Season 6

In this season, the show visited resort towns and locations, which had not been visited in the past.

Season 7

In this season the show traveled to locations in the Former Soviet Union. All countries were visited except Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, where not all of the show's crew were able to obtain a visa or permission to film. Latvia was also skipped as it had been covered in a previous episode.

Season 8

In this season, titled On the Edge of the World, the show traveled to locations far away from Ukraine, especially in the far east and Australia and Oceania. Hosts – Kolya Serga and Regina Todorenko.

Season 9

In this season, titled Undiscovered Europe, the show traveled to locations in Europe that are not generally popular with Russian-speaking tourists.

Season 10

In this season, titled Anniversary, Part I, the format changed to include all previous hosts of the show, with each episode being hosted by a different couple.

Season 11

This season is titled Anniversary, Part II and continues the previous format.

Season 12

This season, titled Around the World, returned to the older format of permanent hosts.

Season 13

This season Paradise and Hell is so named because in it the program will visit paradise island and the most hellish places of the world, alternating between them.

Season 14

In this season Reload the program again went to the city, which was before.

Oryol i Reshka. New Year

«Oryol i Reshka. New Year» — New Year's show, which featured all the participants of the 12th season («Around the World») — Regina Todorenko, Pyotr Romanov, Yevgen Synelnykov, Elena Sinelnikova, Oleg Avilov, Oleg Shevchyshyn and Jaroslav Andrushchenko.

In the first part action takes place village «Reshkino», in a wooden house. The film crew allegedly just returned from honeymoon and just wanted to spend New Year. But over time for her house arrive guests — Lesya Nikityuk, Maria Ivakova and Zhanna Badoeva. In between the characters remember what happened in «Around the World»: what they ate, how without love, what losses they had during the journey and more. In the second part, in the morning of 1 January, all notice all the unusual phenomena: Regina read thoughts, for Yaroslav say everything they think, Oleg Avilov has got the hair, and Yevgen surprised all! Not without the help of the voice program (Yevgen Sinchukov) characters find out that every wish they wish under the chiming clock, has come true. Peter Romanov was on the Bank with the «gold card» that was his wish. All went to look for him. At the end of the series, the travelers called up his friend Tahiti, where the New year is yet to come, and asked him to wish for the abolition of the desires of the characters. Everyone returned to their seats, and travelers flew away to shoot the program.

The Shooting took place in Kiev region in November and December 2016. The show took place on December 31 and 1 January on the channel «Pyatnica!». «Inter» for unknown reasons, the series is not shown. Just released a 2 series — hour or more each.


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