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Director  Kamal
Screenplay  Shibu Chakravarthy
Country  India
7.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Action
Music director  Ouseppachan
Story by  Ranjith
Language  Malayalam
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Release date  13 April 1988 (1988-04-13)
Writer  Shibu Chakravarthy (screenplay), Renjith (story)
Cast  Mohanlal (Freddy), Ramya Krishnan (Sherin), Nedumudi Venu (Nicholas), K. P. Ummer (Chacha), Thilakan (J J), Innocent (Avaran)
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Orkkappurathu is a 1988 Indian Malayalam Comedy film directed by Kamal, starring Mohanlal and Nedumudi Venu. Set in an Anglo-Indian background, the entire film was shot in and around Fort Kochi.


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Freddy(Mohanlal) and his father Nicholas(Nedumudi Venu) belong to brokers and commission agents group. They stay on the first floor of the house (owned by Sankaradi). House owner and his wife stays on the ground floor, and since Freddy and Nicholas has not paid rent for the past few months, they are asking to move out of their house. Freddy threatens the house owner, whenever he comes and asks them to move out of his house. Nicholas owe a fishing boat in the name of Martha, who was his wife. Owing to financial debts, they had to pledge this boat to Avaran(Innocent), who is a money lender. Whenever they get a deal, they will give share to Avaran as interest, then go to Mamma's(Sukumari) bar, take liquor and come back to tease Avaran before going to bed. Nicholas also goes to see the boat tied to the Jetty near Avaran's business place.

To have a glance, they used to pick up newspaper issued to their House Owner's house. One day they saw about an advertisement for old model car to be sold, which was put by Sherin's(Ramya Krishna) mother (Valsala Menon). The duo take the car and repair it to condition, and sell it to a person who is fond of collecting old items - Mundakkal Sivarama Menon(Paravoor Bharathan), after mimicking that the car had enough demand from another person. In this process, Nicholas steals an old sword from Menon's house. While returning in the night, their bullet was hit by a car; which they follow and get the repair compensation charges from JJ's(Thilakan) men, who were in that car. JJ was impressed with them. After few days, they bring the sword to Menon's house for sale; and escapes off when Menon calls police and informs that the lost sword has been found. Later, they ought to see another advertisement about a piano to be sold by the same lady. The piano was gifted to Sherin by her father Williams on one of her birthdays and she is very fond of it. She was not willing to part with it, but owing to financial necessities, they had to get it sold. Freddy and Nicholas take the piano to their home. They go to different places to find a buyer for that piano. A film producer(Jagadish), who tells that the film script got changed at a later point, so the music instrument used by the film Hero was changed from Piano to Violin; and so he cannot purchase it now. Symphony Music CEO (Kunchan) tells that they have enough piano's in their godown, and so he doesn't need it. By the way, Freddy and Nicholas pass JJ's house and so they approach JJ to buy the piano. JJ rejects the piano. At last they play a trick and sell the piano to one of JJ's business associate. JJ comes to know that his associate was cheated, and being aware of how clever the duo were, he plans a task for them. Avaran tells that he will sell their boat Martha if they fail to pay 50,000 Rupees inclusive of principal and interest. JJ calls Freddy and Nicholas and offers 50,000 as reward to Kidnap Chacha(K.P. Ummer), who was once his partner in business. After much thought, the duo agrees to kidnap Chacha, and succeeds in doing it. However Chacha is rescued by his men before they reach the destination. JJ takes Nicholas into custody and asks Freddy to kidnap Chacha, after which Nicholas will be relieved. With the help of one of Nicholas friend Appaji(N. L. Balakrishnan), they rescue Nicholas. They get confused as both Chacha and JJ visits Sherin's house and asks for the piano, which they had already sold. Freddy and Nicholas guess that there is some hidden truth within the piano, and they trace the piano from a Library from where it was sold to. They get some location maps hidden in the piano. Meanwhile, Chacha and JJ also finds the piano, but by that time the piano was already and the inhoused matter was missing from it. Both Nicholas and Freddy were taken into custody by JJ and Chacha, and they were beaten up to provide the maps that they received within the piano. They handle the maps, and both JJ and Chacha go with their men to get the treasure. Whether they are able to get the treasure forms the climax.


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  • Mohanlal as Freddy
  • Nedumudi Venu as Nicholas
  • Sankaradi as House Owner Uncle
  • Thilakan as James Joseph alias J. J.
  • K.P. Ummer as Chacha
  • N. L. Balakrishnan as Appaji
  • Ramya Krishna as Sherin
  • Paravoor Bharathan as Mundakkal Sivarama Menon
  • Innocent as Avaran
  • Valsala Menon as Sherin's mother
  • Sukumari as Mamma
  • Jagadish as Film producer
  • Kunchan as Symphony Music CEO
  • C. I. Paul as Police Inspector
  • Pithamagan Mahadevan
  • Kollam Ajith as Henchman
  • Thalapathy Dinesh as Henchman
  • Ponnambalam as Henchman

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