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Orchidea De Santis

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Other names
Orchidea De Sanctis

Orchidea Santis

Orchidea De Santis looking at something and wearing a white nightgown under a red robe in the 1974 Italian film Per Amare Ofelia

20 December 1948 (age 72) (

Gabriella Giorgelli, Eva Czemerys, Olga Karlatos

Orchidea De Santis (born 20 December 1948, Bari ) is an Italian television and film actress.


Orchidea De Santis looking fierce with her wavy hair down while wearing a necklace and a knitted cardigan exposing her cleavage


Orchidea De Santis smiling with her blonde hair down and wearing a white dress with a pink corsage

Orchidea De Santis is an Italian actress in cinema , theater and television. Her films include Il Vizio di Famiglia directed by Mariano Laurenti , Per Amare Ofelia by Flavio Mogherini , Concerto per Pistola Soloista by Michele Lupo , Colpo di Stato by Luciano Salce (1969) and Paolo il Caldo by Marco Vicario (1973). She appeared briefly in Il Nero by Giovanni Vento (1965) and Una Macchia Rosa by Enzo Muzii (1970).Since the mid-1980s, her film work has declined in favor of other activities.

Her theater work includes comedies such as Morto un Papa se ne ne non Altro , Strega Roma and Chicchignola written by Ettore Petrolini , all of which were directed by Ghigo De Chiara and Fiorenzo Fiorentini .

Orchidea De Santis looking fierce with her hand holding her chin

De Santis appeared in Sottoveste by Castellacci and Ventimiglia and Love and Life by Mike Immordino. She wrote and acted in La Bambola Orchidea featuring the music of maestro Aldo Saitto, as well as Chicchignola with Mario Scaccia , and La cicogna si diverte by Carlo Alighero.

Orchidea De Santis being kissed by a man and wearing an eyeglasses and unbuttoned shirt in the 1969 film Colpo Di Stato

For the RAI radio, De Santis appeared in many roles, mainly in the serials Barocco a Roma and Racconto Italiano which were broadcast in the late 1970s. In the 1989 she began working in the international broadcasting department where she produced Notturno Italiano , AZ for Italians Abroad , Italia Canta , Percorsi Italiani , Facile Ascolto .

She was producer of the radio show Noah's Ark , and 13 episodes of Ciak si performed . She also developed and produced a program about animals called King Solomon's Ring . She is currently the director of, Due di Notte .

Orchidea De Santis looking fierce with her hand on the cheek and wearing a black dress and a hat

Her television work includes Roosvelt (Rai Tre 1986), Maga Circe and Lucrezia Borgia (Rai Uno 1987) and The Redoli case , a TV series: The Great Trials (Rai Uno 1996).

Orchidea De Santis smiling in the 1974 film La nipote

Outside of cinema and theater, she worked with the city government of Rome , organizing a review of 1970s Italian cinema called Italia (de) Genre .

Orchidea De Santis and Sandra Milo on appetizer

Selected filmography

Orchidea De Santis looking fierce with her wavy hair and wearing a necklace and white knitted blouse

  • Ringo's Two Sons (1966)
  • How I Learned to Love Women (1966)
  • Psychopath (1968)
  • The Weekend Murders (1970)
  • A Suitcase for a Corpse (1970)
  • Seven Murders for Scotland Yard (1971)
  • Le calde notti del Decameron (1972)
  • The Ribald Decameron (1972)
  • Le mille e una notte all'italiana (1972)
  • Devil in the Brain (1972)
  • Alla mia cara mamma nel giorno del suo compleanno (1974)
  • Per amare Ofelia (1974)
  • Charley's Nieces (1974)
  • La nipote (1974)
  • The Sensual Man (1974)
  • Il vizio di famiglia (1975)
  • L'ingenua (1975)
  • Le dolci zie (1975)
  • Una bella governante di colore (1976)
  • La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo (1976)
  • L'appuntamento (1977)
  • Three Under the Sheet (1980)
  • Here come the cats (1980)
  • Close Friends (1992)
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