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Scientific name

Higher classification

Omorgus httpssmediacacheak0pinimgcomoriginalsb9

Trogidae, Beetle, Omorgus suberosus, Insect, Trox

Escarabajo vi omorgus troglidae

Omorgus is a genus of beetles of the family Trogidae.


Its species occur mostly in Africa and South America, although some species are found north to Canada, others in Australia or Asia.

Omorgus Omorgus suberosus Fabricius Omorgus suberosus BugGuideNet

Only two species are found in Europe (and neither is endemic): O. italicus is found in Italy, as well as India and China, and O. suberosus occurs in Spain, but also in the Americas and Australia.

Omorgus Beetle Omorgus BugGuideNet


Omorgus Omorgus suberosus BugGuideNet
Omorgus acinus Scholtz, 1980 (Tanzania)Omorgus alternans (MacLeay, 1827) (Australia)Omorgus amitinus Kolbe, 1904 (Kenya)Omorgus asper LeConte, 1854 (southern USA, Mexico)Omorgus asperulatus Harold, 1872 (Southern Africa)Omorgus australasiae (Erichson, 1842) (Australia)Omorgus baccatus Gerstaecker, 1867 (Kenya, Tanzania)Omorgus badeni (Harold, 1872) (Brazil, Colombia)Omorgus batesi (Harold, 1872) (Argentina, Brazil)Omorgus birmanicus Arrow, 1927 (Southeast Asia)Omorgus borgognoi Marchand, 1902 (Mauretania, Mali, Chad)Omorgus borrei (Harold, 1872) (Uruguay, Argentina)Omorgus brucki Harold, 1872 (Australia)Omorgus candezei Harold, 1872 (Argentina)Omorgus capillaceus Scholtz, 1990 (Colombia)Omorgus carinatus Loomis, 1922 (Southern USA to Mexico)Omorgus ciliatus (Blanchard, 1846)Omorgus consanguineus Peringuey, 1901 (DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Namibia)Omorgus costatus (Wiedemann, 1823) (Australia to India and China)Omorgus crotchi Harold, 1871 (Australia)Omorgus denticulatus (Olivier, 1789) (Africa)Omorgus desertorum Harold, 1872 (Madagascar, Egypt, Arabia)Omorgus discedens Haaf, 1954 (Somalia, Tanzania)Omorgus elevatus Harold, 1872 (Angola, Namibia)Omorgus endroedyi Scholtz, 1979 (Namibia, Angola)Omorgus expansus Arrow, 1900 (Somalia)Omorgus eyrensis Blackburn, 1904 (Australia)Omorgus foveolatus Boheman, 1860 (Madagascar, Namibia)Omorgus freyi Haaf, 1954 (Southern Africa)Omorgus fuliginosus Robinson, 1941 (Costa Rica to Texas)Omorgus funestus Lansberge, 1886 (Angola)Omorgus gemmatus (Olivier, 1789) (Africa, Arabia)Omorgus glaber Scholtz, 1980 (Tanzania) (= Afromorgus lindemannae)Omorgus granulatus (Herbst, 1783) (India, Sri Lanka)Omorgus guttalis Haaf, 1954 (Africa)Omorgus inclusus Walker, 1858 (Sri Lanka to China)Omorgus indicus Harold, 1872 (India, Thailand, China)Omorgus indigenus Scholtz, 1990 (Galapagos:EspaƱola Island)Omorgus inflatus Loomis, 1922 (Arizona, Texas, Mexico)Omorgus insignicollis Blackburn, 1896 (Australia)Omorgus insignis Haaf, 1954 (Namibia, Angola)Omorgus italicus Reiche, 1853 (Italy, India, China)Omorgus litigiosusOmorgus lobicollis Arrow, 1927 (southern Burma)Omorgus loxus Vaurie, 1955 (Brazil to Mexico)Omorgus lugubris Haaf, 1954 (Kenya, Tanzania)Omorgus melancholicus (Fahraeus, 1857) (Madagascar, Africa)Omorgus mentitor Blackburn, 1896 (Australia)Omorgus mictlensis Deloya, 1995 (Mexico)Omorgus mollis Arrow, 1927 (Indonesia, Malaysia)Omorgus monachus (Herbst, 1790) (Mexico, Southern USA)Omorgus mutabilis Haaf, 1954 (Africa)Omorgus nanningensis Pittino, 2005 (China)Omorgus niloticus Harold, 1872 (Africa)Omorgus nocheles Scholtz, 1990 (Argentina)Omorgus nodicollis Macleay, 1888 (Western Australia)Omorgus nodosus (Robinson, 1940) (Texas)Omorgus nomadicus Scholtz, 1980 (Saudi Arabia)Omorgus obesus Scholtz, 1980 (Africa)Omorgus omacanthus Harold, 1872 (India)Omorgus pauliani Haaf, 1954 (Laos, Vietnam)Omorgus persuberosus Vaurie, 1962 (South America)Omorgus peruanus Erichson, 1847 (South America) (=Polynoncus peruanus)Omorgus ponderosus Peringuey, 1901 (Africa)Omorgus principalis Haaf, 1954 (Africa)Omorgus procerus Harold, 1872 (Africa, Arabia)Omorgus punctatus (Germar, 1824) (Mexico to Southern USA)Omorgus quadridensOmorgus radula (Erichson, 1843) (Africa)Omorgus rodriguezae Deloya, 2005 (Mexico)Omorgus rubricans (Robinson, 1946) (Texas, Mexico)Omorgus rusticus Fahraeus, 1857 (Africa)Omorgus scabrosus (Palisot de Beauvois, 1818) (Canada to southern USA)Omorgus scutellaris (Say, 1823) (Southern USA to Mexico)Omorgus senegalensis Scholtz, 1983 (Senegal)Omorgus spatulatus Vaurie, 1962 (Argentina)Omorgus squalidus (Africa, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia)Omorgus squamosusOmorgus stellatusOmorgus subcarinatus (MacLeay, 1864) (Australia, New Guinea)Omorgus suberosus (Fabricius, 1775) (Spain, southern USA to South America, Australia)Omorgus tessellatus LeConte, 1854 (Mexico)Omorgus testudo Arrow, 1927 (southern Burma)Omorgus texanus LeConte, 1854 (Texas)Omorgus tomentosus (Robinson, 1941) (Mexico)Omorgus tuberosus Klug, 1855 (Africa)Omorgus tytus (Robinson, 1941) (USA)Omorgus umbonatus LeConte, 1854 (Texas)Omorgus unguicularis Haaf, 1954 (Africa)Omorgus varicosus (Erichson, 1843) (Angola)Omorgus villosusOmorgus wittei Haaf, 1955 (Africa)Omorgus zumpti Haaf, 1957 (Africa)
Omorgus Omorgus suberosus and Polynoncus bifurcatus Coleoptera

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