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Olivella (gastropod)

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Olivellidae
Higher classification  Olivellidae
Rank  Genus
Superfamily  Olivoidea
Scientific name  Olivella
Phylum  Mollusca
Olivella (gastropod) Olivella gastropod Wikipedia
Similar  Olivella biplicata, Gastropods, Molluscs, Olive snail, Olivella semistriata

Olivella, common name the dwarf olives, is a genus of small predatory sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Olivellidae, the dwarf olives. Olivella is the type genus of the family.


Olivella (gastropod) Olivella biplicata Wikipedia


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Adults in the Olivella species are usually quite small, hence the genus has the common name "dwarf olive". Species of Oliva are usually larger, but there are exceptions.

Olivella (gastropod) Olivella Lamprodoma volutella

The shell of Olivella usually has a keel-like twist at the anterior end of the columella. The wall above it may be concave or have deep furrows. The inner lip can sometimes show a deep callus, and in many cases this extends over the parietal wall to the end of the aperture. This callus formation may extend to the spire but leave the suture open. Most species of Olivella have a thin, chitinous operculum, but this operculum is lacking in Olivella nivea, as is also the case in species of Oliva.


Species in the genus Olivella include:

Species brought into synonymy 
Olivella (gastropod) HomeNATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM ROTTERDAM Mollusca Gastropoda
  • Olivella adelae Olsson, 1956: synonym of Olivella lactea (Marrat, 1871)
  • Olivella amoni Sterba & Lorenz, 2005: synonym of Janoliva amoni (Sterba & Lorenz, 2005)
  • Olivella apicalis Kay, 1979: synonym of Ancillina apicalis (Kay, 1979)
  • Olivella australis Tenison-Woods, 1878: synonym of Parviterebra brazieri (Angas, 1875)
  • Olivella millepunctata Duclos, 1840: synonym of Olivancillaria millepunctata (Duclos, 1840)
  • Olivella paxillus Reeve, 1850: synonym of Oliva nitidula Duclos, 1835
  • Olivella simplex Pease, 1868: synonym of Olivellopsis simplex (Pease, 1868)

  • Olivella (gastropod) MOON SNAIL FEEDING DIETS amp GROWTH


    Olivella (gastropod) Wikipedia