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Oenopia conglobata

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Coccinellidae
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Species
Class  Insecta
Subfamily  Coccinellinae
Genus  Oenopia
Order  Beetle
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Similar  Beetle, Oenopia, Adalia decempunctata, Propylea quatuordecimpunctata, Exochomus

Oenopia conglobata kugeliger marienk fer poplar ladybird

Oenopia conglobata is a species of Ladybird (Coccinellidae) native to continental Europe, Asia and Africa. Its colloquial names in Germany are 'Poplar Ladybird' and Kugelige ('Spherical', or perhaps 'Bullet') Ladybird.



The adult beetles are 3.5 to 5 mm long and have oval, slightly curved bodies. The elytra are light pink or pale yellow with a black seam, bearing eight square black spots varying in size and sometimes flowing into each other. There are also completely black colored specimens. The pronotum is light beige and bears seven black, symmetrically arranged spots. The head is black and white. The antennae are yellow, but slightly darker coloured at the end; the legs are yellow brown.


Oenopia conglobata is found in Europe except in the North, North Africa and the temperate regions of Asia, but absent from the British Isles and the Northwest. The species lives in mixed forests of the lower altitudes, being found mainly on poplar, pine, larch, and Prunus species such as bird cherries.


Like most types of ladybirds the adults and larvae of Oenopia conglobata eat aphids.


The beetles overwinter under the bark of trees, mostly poplars, elms, plane, oak and horse chestnut. The species is also found nesting between the panes of double-glazed windows.


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