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Ocean Ramsey

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Ocean Ramsey


Ocean Ramsey with blonde hair, wearing a colorful brassiere, and scuba pants while holding scuba fins.

Ocean ramsey interview 2013

Ocean Ramsey is a model, scuba diver, and instructor as well as a free diver. She is most noted for her work as a shark conservationist, in which she swims with sharks, including great white sharks, to show the importance of conservation. Ramsey is based in Hawaii but has dived with 32 species of sharks around the world as of 2013.


Ocean Ramsey swimming with a shark.

Gopro ocean ramsey and a great white shark

Ocean Ramsey and a shark in the ocean.

Ocean Ramsey swimming, wearing goggles, a blue two-piece, and scuba fins.

Ocean Ramsey smiling and with blonde hair.

On the left, Ocean Ramsey is swimming with a turtle. On the right, Ocean Ramsey wearing a colorful two-piece at the beach.

Ocean Ramsey smiling, with blonde hair and wearing a necklace at the beach.

Ocean Ramsey with long blonde hair and wearing a mint-green shirt.

Ocean Ramsey smiling, with long blonde hair, wearing a pink two-piece and red watch.


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