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Mariana Ochoa, Lidia Ávila, Ari Borovoy, Oscar Schwebel, Kalimba


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OV7, formerly known as La Onda Vaselina, is a Latin pop group from Mexico formed in 1989, but it was not until the early 1990s that OV7 would begin to make their mark. With a career spanning more than 25 years and several hits in the Latin American charts, OV7 remains as one of the most successful pop bands in Latin pop history.


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The group disbanded in 2003. In 2010 they reunited. As of 2017, the remaining members are Mariana Ochoa, Ari Borovoy, Érika Zaba, Lidia Avila, Oscar Schwebel, and occasionally M'Balia Marichal.

Band members

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The group consist of 5 members: Lidia Ávila, born in Puebla, Mexico; Ari Borovoy, born in Mexico City; Érika Zaba, born in Mexico City; Oscar Schwebel, born in Ixtapan de la Sal, Edo. de México; and Mariana Ochoa, born in Mexico City. OV7 has had several other members that have lasted less than 1 album with the group.

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Daniel Vázquez was one member that lasted until the creation of OV7. He was replaced by Kalimba. In 2011 M'Balia Marichal decided to leave the group to focus on her family.


  • Mariana Yolanda Ochoa Reyes: 1989–2003, 2010–Present.
  • Ari Borovoy Hoffman: 1989–2003, 2010–Present.
  • Lidia Érika Ávila Beltrán: 1991–2003, 2010–Present.
  • Érika Zaba Beltrán: 1989–2003, 2010–Present.
  • Oscar Schwebel Arizmendi: 1989–2003, 2010–Present.
  • Past members

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  • M'balia Marichal Ibar, 1989–2003, 2010–2011.
  • Kalimba Kadjaly Marichal Ibar, 1993–1994, 2000–2003.
  • Daniel Isaías Vázquez Sánchez, 1989–1992, 1995–1999.
  • Anna Borras Canales, 1989–1990.
  • Ariatna Leticia Martínez Vargas, 1989–1993.
  • Rodrigo Álvarez Saviñon, 1989–1993.
  • Luis García Carranza, 1989–1994.
  • Bárbara Macías Sánchez, 1990, 1993–1994.
  • Gonzalo Alva, 1992
  • Liliana Ríos Iñurreta, 1993–1994
  • Alejandro Sirvent Barton, 1992–1994.
  • Jair Roman de Rubin, 1993–1994.
  • OV7 followed a trend that began in the 1980s by another pop group named Timbiriche. 1989 Mexican singer and producer 'Julissa' decided to make her own version of "Grease" or "Vaselina" (in Spanish) after the season finished. Julissa decided to form a group based on the play. After the development of "Timbuktu, she founded "La Onda Vaselina." Shortly after they recorded their successful debut album, with singles "Que Buen Reventon '(their first single) and" Triste Es El Primer Adios" which became big hits in the early 1990s with her first album they sold over 100,000 copies and had a successful tour, their second album "Onda Vaselina 2 'was one of the most successful albums of the 90s in Mexico with popular hits that became public property such as:" El Calendario "and" Voy Voy Voy "Their next album was" Dulces Para Ti "which was followed by a series of live shows in one of Mexico City's main venues for the" Teatro Aldama "The album's biggest hits was" Tu Seras Mi Baby "and" La Llorona Loca "

    Their fourth album was a Regional Mexican Music album named: "La Banda Rock" (The Rock Band, using the word "Banda" both meaning "musical group" and the Mexican music genre ), the biggest hit of the album was the song "Pongánse botas, quitense tennis "(Put some boots on and lose the tennis shoes) The group has also had several hits in Spain from the album.

    OV7 took a long break after that and then came back with a more mature sound during adolescence They came out with "Hoy" (Today), an album that was targeted for the teen market featured alternative rock songs mixed with pop and strong texts Hits were "Sube y Baja" and "Perdon" The album flopped and the group decided to take a long pause in which they also considered a split.

    In 1998 Onda Vaselina made a huge comeback with a strong album that made history in the Mexican charts "Entrega Total" The album sent the group back to the # 1 spot not only in Mexico but the rest of Latin America, The disturbedtake the hits were "Mirame A Los Ojos" Un Pie Tras Otro Pie "and" Te Quiero Tanto Tanto "which reached # 1 on the Billboard Latin chart is still present in both songs being played at clubs and weddings throughout Latin America, the group also toured and filled the Auditorio Nacional 4 times while they released their album "Vuela Más Alto" which had the hit: "No es Obsesión" After "Vuela Más Alto" Onda Vaselina decided to take a break and ended their relationship with their manager and creator Julissa

    After 8 years passed and Onda Vaselina was ready to come back without Julissa For legal reasons, changed their name to OV7 (accounting for Onda Vaselina 7 for the number of members) and released their first single "Enloquéceme" and their album "CD00" which was one of the greatest albums of Mexican history and this time they filled the Auditorio Nacional 10 times at the time reached 1st place in all of Latin America with the singles "Shabadabada" "Más Que Amor" "Jam" and "Enloquéceme" The album sold 2 million copies in Mexico and included an English-speaking only "Angelica" which was never released

    What is Mexico's biggest pop band trying to make the crossover to English-speakers mark with an English version of their new single "Love Colada" which was the first single from their album "Siete Latidos" (Seven Beats) The song was released only promo in North America and because of the group's problems with Televisa they appeared on the Latin American average success group was invited to participate in the 2002 World Cup Official Album with the track: "Bringing The World Back Home"

    In November 2002 the Group announced plans to split on the live TV show Operacion Triunfo, followed by a greatest hits CD Punto 2003. OV7 had a farewell tour and officially split up on June 14, 2003, after 14 years of being together.

    Official singles



    Bolded tracks represent the released singles.


    Te Quiero Tanto - TantoEntrega total · 1998
    ShabadabadaCD 00 · 2000
    EnloquécemeCD 00 · 2000


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