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Country  Philippines
Congr. district  1st District of Cavite
Time zone  PST (UTC+8)
Local time  Monday 8:14 PM
Province  Cavite
Barangays  16
Mayor  Dino Reyes Chua (UNA)
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Region  CALABARZON (Region IV-A)
Weather  27°C, Wind E at 21 km/h, 65% Humidity
Points of interest  Noveleta Tribunal, Cock Fighting Arena, Noveleta Elementary School‑G

Tour of noveleta cavite in philippines

The Municipality of Noveleta (Filipino: Bayan ng Noveleta) is an urban municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 45,846 people.


Map of Noveleta, Cavite, Philippines

With the continuous expansion of Metro Manila, the municipality is now included in Manila built up area which reaches Lipa City in its southernmost part.


Noveleta was originally a barrio of the municipality of Kawit (Cavite El Viejo) and some part of Cavite City (Dalahican). It was made an independent pueblo on January 5, 1868 by Gen. Jose dela Gandera y Navarro. Ironically, Noveleta was referred to by the Spaniards as Tierra Alta meaning higher ground in view of the fact that it was more elevated than Cavite la Punta (now Cavite City). The place was also called Nueva Lete (new fate or fortune) and Nueva Isla (new island). Jeg Alix tells a legend story of a beautiful maiden named Violeta who was betrothed by her father to a Spanish officer against her will. The unhappy girl, who was already engaged to a young Katipunero, committed suicide on the eve of her wedding to the Spaniard. The Spanish officer cried in deep anguish for the loss of his love, “Madre de Dios, no Violeta!” The phrase “No Violeta” eventually became “Noveleta.“ Noveleta has the distinction of leading a pivotal role in the Philippine revolutionary activities in Cavite. It used to be the seat of the Magdiwang Council of the Katipunan, the counterpart of the Magdalo Council under Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. The capture of the Noveleta Tribunal on August 31, 1896 was led by Mariano Alvarez, founder and president of the Sangguniang Bayan Magdiwang. Its revolutionary name is Magdiwang, meaning to celebrate a momentous event. The revolution against the Spanish colonialism produced five brave and able military generals and tacticians from Noveleta in the persons of Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Gen. Santiago Alvarez (Son of Mariano), Gen. Pascual Alvarez (Cousin of Pascual), Gen. Luciano San Miguel. He was the Last President of the Philippine Revolutionary Government after the capture of General Mariano Trias (Vice President of Aguinaldo) and Miguel Malvar of Batangas. Another hero is General Ariston Villanueva who together with General Santiago Alvarez emerged as the hero of the Battle of Calero.


Noveleta is the smallest town of Cavite province. It is principally a resort town located in the north-western portion of Cavite. Noveleta is 26 kilometers away from Metro Manila and is accessible by land transport modes. The town is bordered on the north by Cavite City, on the west by Manila Bay and Rosario. It is flanked by General Trias on the south and Kawit on the east.

Land Area

Noveleta has a total land area of 16.43 km², which is roughly 5.41% of the total land area of the province of Cavite. The municipality has 16 barangays. Based on the 2007 Annual Report of the Municipality, the major land use include: CLASSIFICATION HAS. PERCENT Residential 193 31.95% Agriculture 160 26.49% Saltbeds and Fishponds 120 19.87% Industrial 87 14.40% Others 44.01 7.29%


Noveleta is politically subdivided into 16 barangays with respective Barangay Captain:


In the 2015 census, the population of Noveleta was 45,846 people, with a density of 2,800 inhabitants per square kilometre or 7,300 inhabitants per square mile.


  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Iglesia Filipina Independiente
  • United Church of Christ (Disciples)
  • Iglesia ni Cristo
  • Born - Again Christian
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • Economy

    The agricultural sector in Noveleta centers on crop production, fishery, livestock and poultry raising. Fishery is a major source of livelihood in the municipality. Around 100 hectares are utilized for aquaculture and fishpond activities, most of which are in Brgys. San Rafael II, III, and IV. The main products of Noveleta include bangus, prawns, crabs, tilapia, mussels and oysters. The fishponds are converted to saltbeds during the dry season. A big enterprise, which spurs the output in the service sector, is the presence of the Noveca Industries in Brgy. Sta. Rosa. Manufacturing is limited to light and medium industries such as sash factories and several garment factories. Other activities are the manufacture of furniture, iron gates and grills, and hollowblocks. The construction boom, on the other hand, is due to the mushrooming of residential subdivisions in the area. A number of commercial establishments are located along Noveleta’s major thoroughfares. Small retail stores, service firms, and some medium scale enterprises, dot the municipality. There are specialty stores engaged in the trade of construction supplies and materials, auto parts, furniture and home decors, sportswear as well as fresh food items like meat, fruits and vegetables. Also based in the town are three pharmacies, eleven bakeries and two gasoline stations. The tourism industry in Noveleta relies mainly on its coastline with the Manila Bay bordering its western portion. Restaurants, cottages, conference rooms, and social halls/pavilions are situated along the beaches of Brgys. San Rafael III and IV.


    The Philippine Postal Corporation manages one post office situated in the municipal building. The Bureau of Telecommunications of the Department of Transportation and Communication presently operates its office at the Old Noveleta Tribunal. PLDT, Globe and Digitel Telephone Company provide telephone services in the municipality.


    Five banks operating in the town of Noveleta are GSIS Family Bank, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Family Bank, the Unlad Rural Bank of Noveleta, the Luzon Development Bank and the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). There are other financial institutions in the area extending credit for investment ventures.


    The agricultural activities in the municipality are gradually decreasing due to urbanization. The current trend in Noveleta is in conversion of land from agriculture use to urban settlements. This may be attributed to its growing population and its proximity to Metro Manila and the Cavite Economic Processing Zone in Rosario, a 10-minurte drive from Noveleta. Majority of Noveleta’s population is involved in commercial and industrial activities. Historical and tourism landmarks include the Noveleta Tribunal, Calero Bridge, Villamar Beach Resort I, Villamar Beach Resort II, Lido Beach Resort, TIP Beach Resort and the New Noveleta Cockpit Arena. The strips of beaches in Noveleta combined with the town’s proximity to major urban centers make it an ideal tourist attraction. Noveleta is included in the "Manila Build-up Area" which makes it ideal for housing and commercial developments. It is only 3 kilometers from Cavitex exit and also 3 kilometers to Sangley Point in Cavite City, the next international airport.


    Noveleta is best accessed through jeeps and buses that frequently ply its major thoroughfares, specifically the roads that lead to Cavite City. Tricycles and pedicabs service the tight and cool backroads of the municipality.

    Power Supply

    The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) distributes the power supply of Noveleta from the Luzon Grid of the National Power Corporation (NPC).

    Water Supply

    The Metropolitan Waterworks System in Noveleta provides the water requirement of Noveleta. But majority of the people in Noveleta uses Deep Well, specially on the remote area where the waterworks can't reach.


    There are 39 schools in the municipality. Twenty offer preschool, 11 elementary, 4 secondary and 3 vocational/technical education. The public elementary schools include Noveleta (or Paaaralang Sentral ng Noveleta) of San Rafael I, Pacifico O. Aquino, San Jose, San Juan, ARMES (Ambrocio S. Robles Memorial Elem Sch) of San Jose II, San Antonio, Gen Luciano San Miguel Elem Sch of San Miguel, and Salcedo Elementary School. The Noveleta National High School in addition to the private schools of Gospel Light Christian Academy, Atheneum School, Hermano Miguel Integrated School, Patnubay Academy, Unida Nehemiah Christian Academy, Columbia College and Computer Technology Center offer secondary education. The technical or vocational schools are the Mariners Polytechnic Training Center in Brgy. San Rafael IV, TIP Maritime Training Center in Brgy. San Rafael III, and the Municipal Livelihood and Skills Training Center in the Noveleta Elementary School Compound in Brgy. San Rafael II. Some private schools for elementary are Abraham's Flock Christian Academy, Patnubay Academy, Gospel Light Christian Academy, Atheneum School, Hermano Miguel Integrated School, Unida Nehemiah Christian Academy, and Montgard Learning Center.


    Noveleta has ten government health centers and one private clinic as of 1996. There is one private medical hospital located at Salcedo II. The municipality also has three ambulances to support the medical practitioners in responding to the needs of the populace.

    Local government

    Municipal officials (2013-2016):

  • Municipal Mayor (Chief Executive): Hon. Dino Reyes Chua (Partido Magdalo)
  • Municipal Vice Mayor (Presiding Officer): Hon. Dionisio Torres (Liberal Party)
  • Municipal Councilors (Sangguniang Bayan Member/s):
  • Davey Christian R. Chua
  • Donato Alvarez
  • Elvira Magat
  • Glenn Villena
  • Enriq Joseph Alvarez
  • Leah Olidan
  • Kate Bernal
  • Eleonor D. Cerezo
  • Emelito Lontoc (ABC President)
  • Landmarks

  • Battle of Noveleta
  • Holy Cross Parish Church of Noveleta
  • References

    Noveleta Wikipedia