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North Dakota House of Representatives

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Type  Lower house
New session started  January 3, 2017
Term limits  None
North Dakota House of Representatives
Speaker of the House  Larry Bellew (R) Since December 5, 2016
Majority Leader  Al Carlson (R) Since December 1, 2008
Minority Leader  Corey Mock (D-NPL) Since December 1, 2014

The North Dakota House of Representatives is the lower house of the North Dakota Legislative Assembly and is larger than the North Dakota Senate.


North Dakota is divided into between 40 and 54 legislative districts apportioned by population as determined by the decennial census. The 2000 redistricting plan provided for 47 districts. As each district elects 2 Representatives to the House, there are currently 94 Representatives in the House.

Representatives serve 4-year terms. Elections are staggered such that half the districts have elections every 2 years. Originally, the North Dakota Constitution limited members of the North Dakota House of Representatives to two-year terms, with all representatives standing for reelection at the same time. That practice continued until 1996, when the voters approved a constitutional amendment that changed the term for representatives to four-years with staggered terms. The amendment went into effect July 1, 1997, and was first applied in the 1998 elections.

The House Chamber is located in the North Dakota State Capitol in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Composition of the House

65th Legislative Assembly (2017–2018)

Members of the 65th House

  • †Representative was appointed when they first joined the House
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