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Birth name  Nobuko Yamada
Instruments  Vocals
Siblings  Koji Yamada
Years active  1983–present

Name   Nobuko Yamada
Associated acts  Rebecca
Genres  Pop
Role  Singer-songwriter
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Born  November 4, 1963 (age 52)Urawa, Saitama, Japan (1963-11-04)
Labels  CBS/SONY RECORDS/FITZBEAT (1983 - 1992)Sony Music Entertainment Japan/Ki/oon Records (1992 - 1997)BMG Japan (1997 - 2001)Gut Records (2003)Go and Nokko (2003-2009)Universal Sigma Label (2010 - present)
Spouse  Goh Hotoda (m. 2002), Takehiko Kogure (m. 1990–1993)
Albums  Kiss, Colored, Rhyming Cafe, NOKKO'S SELECTION - NOKKO'S BEST, The Best of Dreams

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Nokko (born November 4, 1963) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and producer. She was the lead singer of the popular band "Rebecca," which had a string of hits in Japan in the 1980s. Nokko was born in Urawa, Saitama, as Nobuko Yamada (山田 信子, Yamada Nobuko). Under her stage name Nokko, she also had multiple hits in Japan throughout her solo career in the 1990s, and released an English-language album in the US produced and mixed by Goh Hotoda and Francois Kevorkian.


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In 1990, she married Takehiko Kogure, former group leader of Rebecca. They divorced in 1993. In 2002, she married Goh Hotoda, a well-known sound engineer who has mixed hit singles for artists including Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Utada Hikaru. They now live in Atami, Japan, where on August 1, 2006, the couple welcomed the birth of their daughter, Kano.


Nokko's song "Ningyo" (puppet/doll), which was her 4th solo single on her 4th solo album, "Colored", was the theme song for the 1994 drama Toki o Kakeru Shōjo starring Yuki Uchida.

Original albums

  1. Hallelujah (1992)
  2. I Will Catch U. (1993)
  3. Call Me Nightlife (1993)
  4. Colored (1994)
  5. Rhyming Cafe (1996)
  6. Veranda no Kishibe (ベランダの岸辺, Veranda Shore) (1998)
  7. Viaje (2000)
  8. Kiss (2010) [1]

Compilation albums

  1. The Best of Nokko (1997)
  2. Remix Nokko (2000)
  3. Nokko's Selection, Nokko's Best (2006)


  1. Crazy Clouds (1992)
  2. Kiseki no Wedding March (奇跡のウエディングマーチ, Miracle Wedding March) (1992)
  3. I Will Catch U (1993)
  4. Vivace (1993)
  5. Ningyo (人魚, Mermaid) (1994)
  6. Live ga Hanetara (ライブがはねたら, If the Live Show Jumps) (1994)
  7. Antenna (アンテナ) (1995)
  8. Parade (パレード) (1995)
  9. Tenshi no Love Song (天使のラブソング, Angel's Love Song) (1996)
  10. Natural (1996)
  11. Koi wa Aserazu (恋はあせらず, You Can't Hurry Love) (1997)
  12. Mizu no Naka de Chiisa na Taiyō (水の中の小さな太陽, A Little Sun in the Water) (1997)
  13. Haruyuki Usagi (春雪うさぎ, Spring Snow Rabbit) (1998)
  14. Wasurenagusa (わすれな草, Forget-me-not) (1998)
  15. Friends (フレンズ) (1999)
  16. Hiru no Tsuki (昼の月, Daytime Moon) (1999)
  17. Kiss ga Kikoeru/I Love You (KISSが聞こえる, I Can Hear the Kiss) (1999)


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