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Noël Martin Joseph de Necker

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Died  1793 Mannheim
Name  Noel Joseph
Author abbrev. (botany)  Neck.
Fields  Botany, Medicine
Citizenship  Belgian

Noel Martin Joseph de Necker

Noël Martin Joseph Necker (December 25, 1730 – 30 December 1793) was a Belgian physician, and botanist.



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Necker was the personal physician to the court of the Electoral Palatinate in Mannheim. His botanical work involved the study of mosses (Bryophyta) on which he wrote several works, and fungi on which he wrote the Traité sur la mycitologie. He is also known for describing the orchid genus Dactylorhiza.


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The moss genus Neckera, and its family, the Neckeraceae were named in his honour.


  • Deliciae gallobelgicae silvestres, seu Tractatus generalis plantarum gallo-belgicarum. 2 vols. 1768
  • Methodus Muscorum per Clases, Ordines, Genera (Juniperus dilatata & Juniperus sabina var. tamariscifolia) Necker, Noël Joseph de. Mannheim. 1771
  • Physiologia muscorum, per examen analytic Necker, Noël Joseph de. 1774
  • Traité sur la mycitologie ou Discours sur les champignons en général… 1774
  • Phytozoologie philosophique, dans laquelle on démontre comment le nombre des genres & des especes, concernant les animaux & les vegetaux, a été limité & fixé par la nature. Necker, Noël Joseph de, Societatem Typographycam. 1790
  • Corollarum ad Philos, botanicam Linnaei spectans Necker, Noël Joseph de, Neowedae ad Rhenum apud Societaten Typographycam. 1790
  • Elementa botanica, genera genuina, species naturales omnium . . . Necker, Noël Joseph de, Societatem Typographycam. 1790
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