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Nitriansky Hrádok

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Nitriansky hr dok

Nitriansky Hrádok is a district of a town of Šurany, Slovakia. This settlement was annexed to Šurany in 1976.


Map of 942 01 %C5%A0urany-Nitriansky Hr%C3%A1dok, Slovakia

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Archaeological site

A significant quantity of archaeological material has been found at the tell of Zámeček (the name means "small castle", "château"), settlement layers of which have been estimated to date from about 3,000 BC. For this reason this place has become known as the "Slovakian Troy".

A famous find was a neolithic figurine of a sitting woman, which was dubbed Hrádocká Venuša, or the Venus of Hradok. "Venus" is an umbrella term used in archaeology for objects of this type. The figurine was depicted on Slovakia's two-koruna coin. In 1997 a statue by Jaroslav Gubric was erected at Hradok, an enlarged copy of the figurine.


  • Lake Mederčina
  • Gravel deposit Nitriansky Hrádok
  • river: Nitra and Malá Nitra (Stará Nitra)
  • Streets

  • Dolná, Hlavná, Jabloňová, Na brehu, Na lúkach, Na pažiti, Nad hliníkom, Pod hájom, Pod lipami, Pri Čiernej vode, Pri Zámočku, Prídavky, Riečna, Rovná, Topoľová, Ulička, Za kostolom, Záhradná
  • Statue

  • Statue of Magna Mater (Venus of Hradok)
  • Statue of St. Florian
  • Statue of St. Urban
  • Touristic attraction

  • Lake Mederčina
  • Zámeček - Slovak Troy
  • Venus of Hradok
  • Church of St. Martina
  • References

    Nitriansky Hrádok Wikipedia

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