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Nilufer Moayeri

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Nationality  Iranian
Name  Nilufer Moayeri
Role  Artist

Nilufer Moayeri

Born  1970Tehran, Iran
Known for  Painting, Costumer Design
Notable work  1st Period - Ancient; 2nd Period - Pop Connotations; 3rd Period - Contemporary Approach; 4th Period - Istanbul Through the Lines

Vancouver nights nilufer moayeri interview

Nilufer Moayeri is a contemporary Turkish-Canadian artist, curator, fashion designer, and film director, known for combining traditional and contemporary elements and themes of Middle Eastern art.



Nilufar Moayeri was born in Tehran in 1970. At a very young age she took up lessons in arts and art history which piqued her interest in fine arts. She completed a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in drawing and traditional painting at Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul in 1997, following which she obtained a Master’s of Arts degree in Textile and Fashion Design and a PhD in Film Studies from Beykent University.

Since 1998, she has headed the Pera Fine Arts Academy Drawing and Painting Department and has served as the Art Director of Pera Art Gallery Istanbul and Vancouver. She has also been teaching drawing and art history in Palazzo Spilelli Academy of Arts in Florence, Italy since 2003.

As the art director of Pera Fine Arts she has been actively involved in many European Union academic projects.

In 2000, she initiated a creative costume design competition for art students, which has since become an annual exhibition sponsored by the City of Istanbul.

In 2009 Moayeri was nominated for "Best Costume Design" at the Jale Artistic Awards in Istanbul.

As an artist, Moayeri has been inspired by Mesopotamian goddesses as represented in her work and composition of the elements, and cast in the light of contemporary, cross-cultural themes. Nilufar's work has been displayed in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Istanbul, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, Peking, Florence, Rome, Milan, and Brussels.

Moayeri recently wrote and directed her first short film entitled, "Amore Mio Firenze".

Mixed Exhibitions

Nilüfer's work has been displayed in numerous group and individual exhibitions in Istanbul, New York City, Vancouver, Toronto, Paris, Florence, Rome, Brussels, İzmir, Ankara and Peking, including:

  • 2017 Japanese Nikkei Culture Museum – Bunaby, Canada
  • 2015 Pera Art Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2012 Contemporary Art / İstanbul
  • 2012 Bin Yil Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2012 Art Monaco – Monaco, France
  • 2012 Art Bosphorus – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2011 Espas Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2011 Giardino Art Gallery – Breschia, Italy
  • 2010 Art Expo – New York City
  • 2010 Contemporary Art Fair – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2010 Pera Art Gallery – Vancouver, Canada
  • 2010 Art Monaco – Monaco, France
  • 2010 Art Toronto – Toronto, Canada
  • 2010 Art Expo New York – USA
  • 2010 Pera Art Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2009 Florence Biennale – Florence, Italy
  • 2009 Contemporary Art Fair, Istanbul
  • 2009 Art Expo New York – USA
  • 2008 Art Expo New York – USA
  • 2007 Florence Biennale in Florence – Italy
  • 2007 Pera Art Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2006 Contemporary Art Fair, Istanbul
  • 2006 Art Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2005 ANKFORM Art Fair, London
  • 2005 Beijing International Art Fair, China
  • 2005 Studio d'arte Croma, Rome – Italy
  • 2005 Pera Art Gallery, Tuyap Art – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2004 Pera Art Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2004 Ariel Art Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2004 Nefertiti Art Gallery, Ankara
  • 2002 Pera Art Gallery – Istanbul, Turkey
  • 1995 Iran House Exhibition Hall – London, England
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