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Nicky Milner

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Residence  UK
Name  Nicky Milner

Fields  Archaeology
Citizenship  British
Known for  Mesolithic, Star Carr
Nicky Milner httpswwwyorkacukmediaarchaeologyimagespe
Institutions  University of York Newcastle University
Books  Star Carr: Life in Britain After the Ice Age
Institution  Department of Archaeology at the University of York, Newcastle University

Alma mater  University of Nottingham

Professor Nicky Milner is an archaeologist and deputy Head of the Archaeology Department at the University of York. She was elected a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 2009. Her research focuses on the Mesolithic period, and the transition between the Mesolithic and Neolithic. She has worked at the iconic site of Star Carr in the Vale of Pickering for over 15 years, and has directed excavations at the site since 2004.


Early career

Milner completed her BA in Archaeology in 1995 at the University of Nottingham, followed by a PhD at the University of Cambridge, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council. Her doctoral research developed a method for analysing seasonality from the shell of the European oyster, and applied this method to Danish shell midden sites. Following her PhD she was awarded a Sir James Knott postdoctoral fellowship at Newcastle University in 1999, and was employed as a lecturer at the same institution in 2001. She moved to York in 2004 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2009, and Professor in 2012.

Research and professional career

Milner is the principal investigator on the European Research Council funded POSTGLACIAL project, investigating the occupation of north-west Europe and how people adapted to climate change during the early post-glacial period. The major case study for this research is Star Carr and other sites surrounding palaeo-lake Flixton. Her excavations at Star Carr were featured on a special episode of the UK Time Team, and her work in 2013 on the ‘earliest house in Britain’ was featured on several major news outlets worldwide, including the BBC in the UK, CBS in the USA and Sky News Australia.

She is senior editor of Oxford Research Reviews in Archaeology, and has been the editor for Mesolithic Miscellany journal since 2006, and co-author of popular book Star Carr: Life in Britain After the Ice Age, linked to a major exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum. She is a member of the AHRC peer college, and a member of the assessment panel for the NERC radiocarbon facility. In addition to her work at iconic Star Carr, she has also worked on shell midden sites in Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Portugal, and has co-directed excavations as Howick and Baylet.

Selected publications

  • Conneller, C, Milner, N, Taylor, B & Taylor, M 2012, 'Substantial settlement in the European Early Mesolithic: new research at Star Carr' Antiquity, vol 86, no. 334, pp. 1004–1020
  • Milner, N, Conneller, C, Taylor, B & Schadla-Hall, RT 2012, The Story of Star Carr. Council for British Archaeology.
  • Milner, N, Conneller, C, Elliott, B, Koon, H, Panter, I, Penkman, K, Taylor, B & Taylor, M 2011, 'From Riches to Rags: Organic Deterioration at Star Carr.' Journal of Archaeological Science, vol 38, no. 10, 38, pp. 2818–2832
  • Milner, N, Lane, PJ, Taylor, B, Conneller, C & Schadla-Hall, T 2011, 'Star Carr in a Postglacial Lakescape: 60 Years of Research' Journal of Wetland Archaeology, vol 11, no. 1, pp. 1–19
  • Milner, N & Craig, OE 2009, 'Mysteries of the middens: change and continuity across the Mesolithic Neolithic transition'. in MJ Allen, N Sharples & T O'Connor (eds), Land and People. Papers in Honour of John G. Evans. Prehistoric Society Research Paper, no. 2, Oxbow, Oxford, pp. 169–180
  • Milner, N, Mithen, S & Ralston, I 2009, 'Hunter-gatherers of the Mesolithic'. in J Hunter (ed.), The Archaeology of Britain. Routledge, London, pp. 53–77
  • Milner, N 2002, Incremental growth of the European Oyster, Ostrea edulis: seasonality information from Danish kitchenmiddens. British Archaeological Reports, Archaeopress, Oxford
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