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niNe. magazine is an online publication aimed at teenage girls. The magazine is a production of Nine Media LLC. In an initial publication run (under the structure of Nine Magazine, Inc., established in 2005), the magazine reached a circulation of 20,000 with a subscriber-base throughout 43 states, the District of Columbia, and four Canadian provinces.



Nine Magazine, Inc. was formed in Colorado by Melinda Laging and Louise Wo. While attending the University of Colorado-Boulder, Laging and Wo sought to present a magazine spotlighting current issues and interests affecting youth. Following graduation, the pair organized a board of directors and established the framework of the publication. The mission of niNe. magazine is to advocate strong principles, good character and high self-esteem for teenage girls, while still maintaining focus on their interests and desires.

With the economic conditions of the late 2000s, Nine Magazine, Inc. began restructuring to improve upon its initial digital platform.

Originally formed as a print publication, niNe. shifted to online-only content to curtail production costs and engage in emerging social media outlets. The periodical began publishing online content in the fall of 2011.


The niNe. title stands for nine characteristics revealed by the Holy Spirit that contribute to a quality life. The fruit of the Spirit is taken from New Testament scripture Galatians 5:22-23.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." (NIV translation)

The capitalized N is intended to draw attention to the reader's inner world, to promote inner beauty and faith in one's self.

Content philosophy

Current media outlets focus on entertaining, selling and engaging an audience through content that is in the interest of the outlet rather than the audience. Addressing the facts of important issues head-on, the magazine can dedicate its pages to promoting self-esteem, volunteerism, philanthropy, positive journalism and literacy for adolescent girls. The creators of niNe. magazine use this direct and unabashed approach to educate its audience and reconstruct the manner in which media communicates to a youth-oriented audience. This philosophy engages the audience in the discussion of a topic without having conflicting messages in its advertising. niNe. avoids advertisements that demean women or young girls, instead it seeks out advertisers that reinforce the beauty, intelligence, worth and strength of women.

Subjects and topics

The magazine covers issues significant to the daily lives of its audience. Whether the subject is serious or casual, the magazine strives to dig deeper into these topics. Presenting forums for teenagers in this way empowers them to express themselves in a healthy way rather than turning to food, alcohol or self-harm, often in the form of cutting. This approach helps teens move beyond those crutches and encourages them to positively express themselves.

Cover stories

  • June–July 2006 – Bethany Hamilton, a teen surfer who lost her left arm in a shark attack.
  • August–September–October 2006 – Bethany Dillon, a Nashville, TN-based singer with Sparrow Records.
  • September–October–November 2011 – Beckah Shae, a Contemporary Christian singer, promoting her fifth album.
  • October–November 2011 – Kari Jobe
  • March–April 2012 – Rachel Hendrix, lead actress in October Baby.
  • May–June 2012 – Eleven 22
  • July–August 2012 – Hannah Chancellor, member of An Epic, No Less.
  • November–December 2012 – Taylor Spreitler, actress in Three Day Test.
  • January–February 2013 – Colton Dixon, singer/musician, former contestant on American Idol.
  • March–April 2013 – Cody Longo, actor in Not Today.
  • May–June 2013 – Skillet
  • July–August 2013 – The City Harmonic
  • September–October 2013 – AJ Michalka, actress in Grace Unplugged.
  • November–December 2013 – Kylie Bisutti, former model, author of I Am No Angel.
  • January–February 2014 – Switchfoot
  • March–April 2014 – Shane Harper, actor in God's Not Dead.
  • May–June 2014 – David Crowder
  • July–August 2014 – Bluetree
  • September–October 2014 – Blake Rayne, actor in The Identical
  • November–December 2014 – Kim Walk-Smith, member of Jesus Culture
  • January–February 2015 – Old Fashioned, movie from Skoche Films.
  • March–April 2015 – Fireflight
  • May–June 2015 – Dan Bremnes
  • Sections

    Following the theme of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the content of niNe. magazine is grouped in nine sections:

    hoMe., loOk., boDy., relatioNships., reaLity., entertaiNment., yOu., intuItion., faiTh.

    Nine Ministry

    To further outreach and promote the fruit of the Holy Spirit, Nine Ministry conducts speaking engagements with youth and youth organizations, as well as creates educational resources on topics and issues relevant to teen girls.


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