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Next Issue Project

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Publisher  Image Comics
Publication date  February 2008
Schedule  Irregular
Formats  Original material for the series has been published as a set of one-shot comics.
Genre  Science fiction, superhero

The Next Issue Project is a series of American comic-book anthology one-shots published by Image Comics beginning in February 2008. The multi-title project, edited by Erik Larsen, creator of Savage Dragon, features comic book characters that have fallen into the public domain.


The premise behind the series, according to Larsen, is:

Publication history

Each issue of the Next Issue Project utilizes features from a title published during the 1930s and 1940s period historians and fans call the Golden Age of Comic Books, with similar dimensions and page count, both larger than the modern-day standard. Each issue continues the name and numbering of each title.

The first issue, Fantastic Comics #24 came out in February 2008. It was followed by Silver Streak Comics #24 in December 2009. and later Crack Comics #63.

Fantastic Comics #24

Continuing from Fox Feature Syndicate's Fantastic Comics. This issue was released on February 13, 2008. It contained the following stories:

  • Samson, written and illustrated by Erik Larsen
  • Flip Falcon, written by Joe Casey and illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Golden Knight, co-written and illustrated by Thomas Yeates and Bryan Rutherford
  • Yank Wilson, written and illustrated by Andy Kuhn
  • Space Smith, written and illustrated by Tom Scioli
  • Captain Kidd, written and illustrated by Jim Rugg
  • Professor Fiend, written and illustrated by Fred Hembeck
  • Sub Saunders, written and illustrated by Ashley Wood
  • Stardust the Super Wizard, written by Joe Keatinge and illustrated by Mike Allred
  • a prose piece featuring Carlton Riggs by B. Clay Moore with illustration by Jason Latour
  • Silver Streak Comics #24

    Continuing from Lev Gleason Publications' Silver Streak Comics. Released in December, 2009. It contained the following stories:

  • Daredevil, written and illustrated by Erik Larsen
  • Silver Streak, written and illustrated by Paul Grist
  • Kelly the Cop, written and illustrated by Joe Keatinge
  • The Claw, written and illustrated by Michael T. Gilbert
  • Captain Battle, written by Steve Horton and illustrated by Alan Weiss
  • Crack Comics #63

    Continuing from Quality Comics' Crack Comics. This issue was released on November 2, 2011. It contained the following stories:

  • Captain Triumph, written and penciled by Alan Weiss
  • The Space Legion, written and illustrated by Chris Burnham
  • The Clock, written and illustrated by Paul Maybury
  • Molly the Model, written and illustrated by Terry Austin
  • Alias the Spider, written and illustrated by Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri
  • Spitfire, written and illustrated by Herb Trimpe
  • Slap Happy Pappy, written and illustrated by Joe Keatinge
  • Hack O'Hara (with a cameo by the Space Legion), written and illustrated by Erik Larsen
  • Red Torpedo, written and illustrated by B. Clay Moore, Frank Fosco, Erik Larsen
  • Speed Comics #45

    Continuing from Harvey Comics' Speed Comics. Will feature Shock Gibson, Captain Freedom and War Nurse.


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