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Ner Ethir

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Director  M. Jayapradeep
Music director  Satish Chakravarthy
Language  Tamil
6/10 IMDb

Release date  January 24, 2014 (India)
Screenplay  M. Jayapradeep
Country  India
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Release date  24 January 2014 (2014-01-24)
Cast  M S Bhaskar (Neeraavi), Richard Rishi (Karthik), Parthy (Kathir), Aishwarya Rajesh, Alwa Vasu
Similar movies  Finish Line (1989), Amara (2014), Across the Hall (2009), Kalavaram (2014), Kalaipuli S Thanu produced Ner Ethir and Arima Nambi

Ner Ethir is a 2014 Tamil film directed by M. Jayapradeep and produced by Kalaipuli S. Thanu. The film features Richard, Vidhya, Aishwarya Menon and Parthi in the lead roles, while Satish Chakravarthy composed the film's music. The film released worldwide on 24 January 2014. The film is a remake of Across the Hall.


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Ner Ethir Ner Ethir Film Ner Ethir Film Stills

Karthik (Richard) gets a call from his friend Kathir (Parthy) who explains to him that he had earlier that day received a call that his fiancée, Isha (Vidhya Mohan), has cancelled her flight. Kathir had followed her and discovered that she had checked out a room in a local hotel, after which Kathir rents out the room across the hall from Isha believing she is cheating on him. Kathir explains to Karthik that, earlier that evening, he had gone to Karthik's house, and finding him not home, broke in and stole Karthik's gun. Worried that Kathir is about to kill someone, Karthik tries to reason with Kathir on the phone not to do anything, but after having no success, he tells Kathir to stay where he is and wait until he meets him at the hotel in about 20 minutes. During the film, it is revealed that Isha had canceled her flight because of Karthik and that they were cheating behind Kathir's back. Kathir finds this out when he kills Isha and tries to call Karthik, whose cell phone was still in the hotel room that Isha and Karthik cheated in. Kathir tricks Karthik into helping move Isha, framing him for killing her while the police storm the hotel.


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  • Richard as Karthik
  • Vidhya Mohan as Isha
  • Harish siva as kathiresan
  • Parthy as Kathir
  • Aishwarya Menon as Nethra
  • M. S. Bhaskar as Neeraavi
  • Halwa Vasu
  • Kausha Rach (Special appearance)
  • Production

    Ner Ethir Picture 633976 Tamil Actress Vidhya in Ner Ethir Movie Stills

    The film began production in late March 2013, with Richard revealing that he would play the lead role in the murder mystery film Woo, directed by Jayapradeep, an associate of director Keyar. In April 2013, the team discussed filming a romantic song in Norway and Switzerland, citing that schedules had already taken place on a set worth 75 lakh rupees. Later that month, the team had a legal tussle with the maker of the film Vu for using a similar title. Subsequently the producers had to change the name from Woo to Ner Ethir.

    Ner Ethir Ner Ethir Tamil Movie Ner Ethir Movie Ner Ethir

    In late 2013, producer S. Thanu, who usually finances big budget films, chose to back the venture which featured mostly newcomers and revealed that all profits from the film would be distributed to the welfare of the needy in the film industry. He also revealed discussed potential Telugu and Hindi remake versions of the film with director Gautham Menon.

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