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Nehémiás, Archbishop of Esztergom

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Predecessor  Dezső Dersfi
Denomination  Roman Catholicism
Archdiocese  Archdiocese of Esztergom
Term ended  1077
Successor  István
Died  9 June 1077
Appointed  1075

Nehémiás (died after June 9, 1077) was a Hungarian prelate and politician, who served as Archbishop of Esztergom between 1075 and 1077. Before that he functioned as Bishop of Eger from 1047 to 1075.

His name appears in the founding charter of the Abbey of Garamszentbenedek. King Ladislaus I was crowned by Nehémiás in 1075. He received a letter from Pope Gregory VII to send "worthier" envoys to the papal court. Pope Gregory also asked Nehémiás and Ladislaus for a better offer in exchange for recognition of the Hungarian power. During that time the Investiture Controversy started between the Pope and the Holy Roman Empire. Gregory VII also demanded vassalage from the Hungarian king.


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