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Neck Face

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United States

Neck Face


graffiti, Street art

Neck Face neck face into darkness What39s Up Mann

School of Visual Arts, Bear Creek High School

1984 (age 37 years), Stockton, California, United States

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Neck Face (born 1984 in Stockton, California) is an anonymous Graffiti artist. He is known for his frightening drawing style and humorous writings.


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Neck face the pin hoarder


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Neck Face began tagging in Stockton, California during his junior year in high school. From 1998 to 2002, Neck Face attended Bear Creek High School and Tokay High School. Neck Face claims he gained most of his art knowledge during elementary school, saying, "I think I learned more in school in the earlier years than the later years. I think if you are a teacher, you should teach the kid as much as you can in the beginning years of school." He gained notoriety through his self-made stickers throughout nearby towns of Stockton and Lodi, California, where his works first showed up on public objects. Later, as his graffiti techniques evolved, his work spread to San Francisco, where his name can still be seen on many newspaper stands and walls throughout the city. He attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY for two years before dropping out.

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The attention Neck Face received from his street work allowed him to move his work off the streets and into the art galleries. Galleries that have shown his artwork include the New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, the Luggage Store in San Francisco, One Grand Gallery in Portland, the Dactyl Foundation in New York, and the OHWOW Gallery in Miami. Neck Face has been compared to Banksy, and described as "generally superfamous in the cool parts of the art world."


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Neck Face's style can be described as naïve and scratchy. His themes have a bloody, violent and medieval feel to them. Obvious influences are heavy metal and latrinalia. Gallery works follow Neck Face's familiar style but are not limited to drawings and paintings, shows have included sharp metal masks, felt installations, and sculptures. In an interview on Epicly Later'd, Neck Face describes using water colors in his artwork as "I get the water color and then I just f*#k it up". In this same interview he acknowledges King Diamond as a major influence.

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One public art piece appropriated the sign on an abandoned storefront of "My Old Lady" in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood; he painted under that "...♥'s Neck Face".

Neck Face Neckface

In 2005, to the displeasure of nearby residents and building superintendents, his work was prominently visible from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. In 2011 Neck Face visited Bangkok, Thailand to do graffiti in the street.

In addition to appearing across billboards and buildings in the United States, Neck Face's work can be seen internationally in places such as Melbourne, Sydney, Copenhagen, and Tokyo.

Commercial projects

As a skateboarder himself, Neck Face has helped design for Baker Skateboards, and is the Art Director for Baker Skateboards. Neck Face has also collaborated with Vans, Stüssy and Altamont Apparel.

There is an all-access documentary featuring Neck Face in the works that started as a long term project in 2005 by director Ty Evans. It as yet has no expected release date.

Exhibitions of his artwork

  • 2012 Neck Face "A Deal with the Devil", One Grand Gallery in Portland, OR
  • 2012 Neck Face "Simply the Worst", New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA
  • 2010 Neck Face Into Darkness, OHWOW Los Angeles
  • 2009 Neck Face "Return to the Womb," V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2009 Neck Face at OHWOW, Miami, Florida in October
  • 2007 Closed casket, Dactyl Foundation, New York, USA (solo)
  • 2007 Rehearsal for death, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (with Weirdo Dave)
  • 2006 The Night After Halloween, New Image Art Gallery, West Hollywood, USA (solo)
  • 2005 Monster Children, Sydney, Australia (solo)
  • 2005 DPMHI, London, U.K. (solo)
  • 2004 Witch Hunt, New Image Art Gallery, West Hollywood, USA (solo)
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