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Necati Arabaci

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Full Name
Necati Arabaci

Necati Arabaci

Greengrocer, Criminal


Necati Arabaci in a restaurant with a bald man

14 February 1972

Other names
Neco, Godfather of Cologne


Criminal status
Deported to Turkey

Criminal penalty
9 years in prison

Sedat Peker , Mehmet Ali Ağca , Özgür Dengiz

Necati arabaci was hat der k lner rotlicht pate mit dem bombenanschlag in der keupstra e zu tun

Necati "Neco" Arabaci (born 14 February 1972 in Cologne) is a Turkish businessman, criminal and high-ranking member of the Hells Angels, who was formerly active in Cologne, Germany and now lives in Turkey. In 2002 he was arrested in Germany for pimping, Human trafficking, assault, extortion, weapons violations, and racketeering. He confessed during his trial in 2004 and was sentenced to nine years in prison. He was released in 2007 and deported to Turkey.


Necati Arabaci, a Turkish businessman wearing blue sleeves

Activities in Germany

Necati Arabaci in long hair  and wearing shades

The so-called Arabaci-Clan reportedly controlled the bouncer scene of the night clubs in Cologne's entertainment district, the Kölner Ringe, and his gang of bouncers reportedly befriended girls in order to exploit them as prostitutes. Arabaci also controlled several brothels in the Rhein-Ruhr region of Germany.

Necati Arabaci wearing a black suit

While already in prison, he reputedly still controlled the "Colosseum" brothel in Augsburg. In 2008 after his deportation, police still strongly suspected him to control the brothel and several members of Arabaci's clan were sighted in Berlin in 2008, possibly trying to gain a foothold for the gang in the city's red-light scene.

Necati Arabaci was seen in the ARD-magazine “Report München”

During his detention in Germany, Arabaci reportedly plotted to kill the prosecutor, and hired an Albanian contract killer from Duisburg. The police had bugged his visiting room, and the prosecutor was given bodyguards and police protection. Based on the transcripts, Arabaci was prosecuted again, with the aim of obtaining "Sicherungsverwahrung" (indefinite imprisonment of extremely dangerous criminals). At trial, mis-translation of some of the transcripts was detected, and Arabaci was acquitted. 

Necati Arabaci with two horses on the left side, and Necati Arabica wearing a white shirt on the right side

The prosecutor fled Germany in 2007 when Arabaci was deported to Turkey. An insider reported, that Arabaci has signed a cooperation with the Street Gang "United Tribuns".

Activities in Turkey

Necati Arabaci

In 2010 it was reported that Arabaci took part in a meeting of international Hells Angels bosses in Izmir, Turkey. He had just been appointed president of the "Hells Angels MC Nomads Turkey". In 2013 Arabaci was seen as a possible new leader of the European Hells Angels, after previous leader Frank Hanebuth had been arrested in Spain.

Arrest warrant

Necati Arabaci wearing a shades

In 2015, Spanish authorities issued a warrant for Arabaci's arrest, valid throughout the European Union. He is accused of membership in a criminal organization, extortion, drug trafficking and involvement in brothels in Spain. Turkey does not extradite Turkish citizens.

Necati Arabaci Necati Neco Arabaci ist der Klner RotlichtPate YouTube

August 2020 Arrest

He was arrested by Turkish Authorities in August 2020 and sent to Buca Prison.

Necati Arabaci was arrested

Necati Arabaci was arrested


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