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Naya Pata

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Genre  Drama, Family
Director  Pawan K Shrivastava
Story by  Pawan K Shrivastava
Country  India
7.6/10 IMDb

Release date  June 27, 2014 (India)
Screenplay  Pawan K Shrivastava
Language  Hindi and Bhojpuri
Naya Pata Naya Pata Trailer Official Theatrical Trailer PVR Directors Rare

Release date  27 June 2014 (2014-06-27)
Writer  Pawan k Shrivastava (story), Pawan k Shrivastava, Pawan k Shrivastava
Cast  Yashwardhan Singh, Abhishek Sharma, Shaad Ahmed, Chandra Nisha, Julie Warshi, Madhuri
Music director  Rupesh Pathak, Parashar Naik

Naya pata workshop video 1

Naya Pata is an independent film to be produced through crowd funding. It is the directing debut film of Pawan K Shrivastava. Naya Pata is a cinema which tries to capture the emotional insight of a person during migration. It is the first independent film from Bihar which is being produced through crowd funding. The idea of making a film on identity loss due to migration was a childhood dream of the director. Shrivastava has introduced the concept of crowd funding in Bihar to convey his message through the film independently. Vaartul films and Nayaab Vision Entertainment Private limited has produced Naya Pata and it was released by PVR Director's Cut on 27 June. According to Shrivastava, "Naya Pata is based on the issue of migration and its pain since last three decades in Bihar. It’s a story of the identity lost and found. It’s based on the backdrop of the closure of sugar industry in Bihar during 1985-1990. It also talks about the modern and contemporary Bihar."


Naya Pata Crowdfunded Naya Pata Depicts Pain of Migration Director

Cinematographer Saket Saurabh shot natural and real shots in the film. Saket Saurabh is a pass out student from L.V Prasad Academy, Chennai. He has shown shots of mud lightings and silhouette photography. After making Naya Pata, Pawan K Shrivastava is working on his next Hindi Feature film titled Hashiye Ke Log which is about Marginalized section of the society.

Naya pata official trailer


The genre of the film is a journey which describes the reestablishment of the lost identity by travelling from one place to another. The story is conveyed through cyclic screenplay where it starts from a point and after revolving around various circumstances it again comes to an end with the same point. This circular story will conclude a message to the viewers.


Naya Pata is a film about the struggle of a man to re-establish his lost identity and loneliness. Instead of emphasizing on migration, the film mainly talks about the intangible things that happen to a person when he migrates from one place to other, such as loneliness, loss of Identity and sense of belongingness. It talks about the intangible consequences of the migration. We have tried to tell the emotions of a migrated person, through his silence and behavior. Film opens in 1985–1990, a period when the sugar industry in Bihar was facing a lock-out due to some clashes between labor and trade unions. Many of the sugar factories were locked out and Ram Swarath Dubey, the protagonist of the film who used to work in the mill became jobless. Now he is left with no other option rather than migrating to a new place, i.e., New Delhi. Finally he comes to Delhi leaving behind her newly married wife. He gets a job in law firm and started working. As he started living in the city the feeling of loneliness was wandering around him. Delhi is a new world to him and in the course of time he finds himself torn between two worlds. Whenever he visits his native place, even there he feels no peace because nothing remains permanent for him. The moment when he is at home, he gets worried about the day he has to leave and when he returns to Delhi, he is again lost in the memories of home. Lost between these two worlds, he spent 25 years of his life in Delhi. He is now feeling that he should return to his village, as his only son become young and married. He was thinking to take care of remaining members of the family as he has lost his wife, father, mother... all one by one, which he could only feel now but can’t live it. And finally he comes back to his village after a long period of 30 Years. He comes with a hope that his own people will give him a warm welcome and he will live rest of his life with peace and real identity. But as soon as he comes to his native place, he started facing the issue of identity loss right from the beginning. His identity is lost and now he is neither a village man nor he remains a Delhiite. He tries his best to establish his lost identity. But one day his only son informed him about his plan to migrate Nasik for a job as there is no work or employment left at their residing place. Ram Swarath Dubey was left without any answer, as it reminds him his young age when his father asked him to migrate to Delhi. Again, the situation is same and nothing has still changed. When his son Jitendar leaves for Nasik, Ram Swarath Dubey finds that his daughter-in-law stuck to the same condition as his wife used to be in, the loneliness. Ram Swarath Dubey meets a girl Sandhya, who is pass-out from a college in Patna and planning to go to Delhi for higher education. Ram Swarath feels that migration is stealing everyone’s identity, and in his own village there are many people that have migrated to different states for the search of bread and butter. Ram Swarath Dubey is deeply hurt by seeing this situation. But he doesn’t lose his hope and still thinks that one day everything will change and people will return to their native place. He takes a decision to send her daughter-in-law to Nasik along with his son because he doesn’t want her to live same life as his wife has lived. Once his son and daughter –in-law left for Nasik, he was again living alone in the village. Now he is feeling the same loneliness again that he was feeling during his long stay in Delhi. But still he has a hope that everything will change and one day his son will return. He is still positive and start believing in government as there is political change in the state. But one night he broke out and became restless where he could see his death and loneliness. He tries his best to find a solution and finally he gets an alternative of his fear and story comes to the climax. The story leaves some questions still unanswered.

Crowd funding

Crowd funding is a concept which may attract the filmmakers who want to use the culture of philanthropy to make the films without depending on big production houses. This concept has been used by many film directors who want to satisfy their desire for art by making films on ideas in their mind. For the first time, Pawan K Shrivastava has brought this concept to Bihar and did this brave task to raise the funds from the people despite of being a debutant in the film industry. He says that no commercial producer would be interested in the loneliness and identity crises that migrants battle every day.

So, crowd funding helped him to raise funds using various social networking sites and personal contacts. "I would send e-mails about the project to all my contacts and ask each of them to forward it to all theirs. Funds slowly came in and 30 per cent of it from absolute strangers," says Pawan, the director of Naya Pata.

Publicity material and poster are designed by painter and visual artist Vijendra S Vij.


  • Abhishek Sharma
  • Julie Warsi
  • Yashwardhan Singh
  • Madhuri
  • Shaad Ahmed
  • Chandra Nisha
  • Production

    In a crowd-funded film, it is a big challenge to arrange the production team which can work with the same dedication as they show for the paid projects. However, the idea of narrating a story through the characters who are suffering from migration menace and identity loss was so impactful that people get motivated to associate with this project. All the actors and production team have supported in the process of filmmaking without charging a penny.


    The songs of the film are composed by Rupesh Pathak. The music will be soon released before the screening of the film. Traditional songs have been used with fusion music to give a contemporary feel. You will get a glimpse of different music genre like folk, nirgun and thumri. Some well known extracts written by Bhikhari Thakur and Kabir have been used as lyrics in the film.

    Theatrical release

    Naya Pata has been released on 27 June 2014 in 12 major cities of India through PVR Director's Rare. PVR Directors Rare has chosen to release this feature film. The film was released in many cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolakata, Banagluru, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Patna, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Jaipur, Ahemadabad and Pune.

    Naya Pata was screened by Indiearth on 19 November 2014 in Chennai and it was well received by the Audience and Reviewers.


    Vaartul Films has come forward to support this film and it has become the presenter of the Naya Pata, Vickram Shanker of the Vaartul Films has supported the film to bring it to the audience.

    Online media partner

    Media Kahabar a bilingual news portal has become the online media partner of Naya Pata.

    Production team

  • Director - Pawan K. Shrivastava
  • DOP - Saket Saurabh
  • Editor - Parashar Naik
  • Chief AD - Mrrinal Dev
  • Assistant camera man 1 - Yashveer Singh (Yogi)
  • Assistant Camera man 2 - Bitto Rawat
  • Art Director - Varun Tandon
  • Assistant Director - Santo Rawat
  • Assistant Director - Vaibhav Pratap Singh
  • Assistant Director - Atul Kachare
  • Assistant Director - Rahul
  • Assistant Director - Amitesh Prasun
  • Production Head - Ravi Ranjan Tiwari (Rahul)
  • Promotions Head - Mayank Bokolia
  • Design and creative - Ajayendra Urmila Tripathi
  • Supported by - Vickram Shanker
  • Produced by - Vaartul films and Nayaab Vision Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
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