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Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

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In office  1938–1951
Monarch  King Abdulaziz
Father  King Abdulaziz
Children  Turki bin Nasser Al Saud
Successor  Sultan bin Abdulaziz
House  House of Saud
Parents  Ibn Saud
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Predecessor  Muhammad bin Saad bin Zaid
Died  15 September 1984, Saudi Arabia
Spouse  Muhdi bint Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Sudairi
Siblings  Salman of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Similar  Ibn Saud, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Salman of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Abdulaziz, Mansour bin Abdulaziz

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Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (1911 – 15 September 1984) was one of the former Riyadh governors and a member of House of Saud.


Early life and education

Prince Nasser was born in Riyadh in 1911. There are other reports, giving his birth date as 1913 and as 1921. He was the sixth son of King Abdulaziz. His mother was Bazza I, a Moroccan woman. Prince Nasser had no full-brothers or full-sisters. He received education in Riyadh at the school of the palace, learning Quran, horsemanship and war techniques.

Riyadh governorship

King Abdulaziz appointed him as the governor of Riyadh Province in 1938. However, he had to resign from his post due to an event, leading to death of one of his brothers and others. When Prince Nasser was the governor, he organized a party after which his brother Prince Mansour, then-defense minister, and several foreigners died of alcohol poisoning. Upon hearing of this event, King Abdulaziz threw him in jail. Subsequently, Nasser bin Abdulaziz lost his post and never returned to public life.

Exclusion from succession

Prince Nasser was excluded from the succession to throne because of the incident occurred during his term as the Governor of Riyadh Province. On the other hand, Prince Saad and he were older than Prince Fahd when the latter was appointed crown prince in 1975. However both were regarded as weak contenders due to being relatively less experienced.

Furthermore, he lost his chance due to "dissolute" mores. He was regarded as unsuitable for succession by the larger family. His lack of accomplishment and low birth were also factors leading to his exclusion.

Personal life

One of his spouses was Muhdi bint Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Sudairi, the sister of the Sudairi brothers's mother, Hassa bint Ahmad Al Sudairi. They had five sons: Prince Khalid, Prince Abdullah, Prince Fahd, Prince Turki and Prince Ahmed.

One of his sons, Turki bin Nasser, is former military officer and the former head of the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME). The other, Mohammed bin Nasser, is the governor of Jizan Province. Another son Mansour bin Nasser was one of King Abdullah's advisors. His other son, Abdulaziz bin Nasser, is a businessman and the father of Saud bin Abdulaziz who murdered his servant in London in 2010.


Prince Nasser could not walk and used a wheelchair in his last years. He died on 15 September 1984 and was buried in Riyadh.


His family founded Prince Nasser bin Abdulaziz Center for Autism, an affiliated body of the Saudi Autism Center and the center was opened in April 2012.


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