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Nasir Baig Chughtai

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Nationality  Pakistani
Name  Nasir Chughtai
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Occupation  Journalist and news editor

MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain with Nasir Baig Chughtai in NBC On Air on Tahirul Qadri Issue

Nasir Baig Chughtai, a Pakistani journalist, is a senior editor in The News English-language.



Nasir Baig Chughtai joined the Jang Group of publications in 1980s and worked there as a joint news editor, news editor, chief news editor, and deputy editor of the daily Jang. He was the founder Editor News of the daily Urdu News that publishes from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He also served in ARY One World TV, a news channel, as channel head. He also worked as Executive Director of Geo News. Now he is Director News and Current Affairs at Abb Takk channel. Nasir Baig Chughtai worked as Director of News in Geo TV, which belongs to Independent Media Corporation, owner of the Jang Group of Newspapers. The channel started its test transmission on 14 August 2002, whereas regular transmission began from 1 October 2002. In Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, the word geo translates to "live on" in English. Geo's name may come from the fact that it uses a geosynchronous orbit satellite for its transmissions. He joined Geo news in 2002 as Senior Executive Producer and was the team leader who launched Geo news from Dubai

Before Jang he did his internship in the Daily Musawat and then become a full reporter who covered many important events . After martial Law of Zia the muswat was band by dictator so he joined another anti establishment news paper the Amn .

On 11th December 2014, Mr Nasir Baig Chughtai (NBC), has joined BOL Network, Bol News as Senior Executive Vice President.

Writer and translator

Nasir Baig Chughtai has translated works of English and French classical writers. These were published in the largest circulated weekly Akhbar-e-Jahan. His thousands of articles, columns and original stories have been published in many newspapers, including Musawaat, Amn and Jang.


Nasir Baig Chughtai is also a novelist. His novel Sulagtay Chinaar was about freedom struggle in Jammu and Kashmir. This is first novel of its kind on the issue, and characters have been taken from real life.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs was an Urdu based weekly discussion programme aiming to elaborate on current international issues, particularly those affecting Pakistan directly or indirectly. The programme included packages, discussions with eminent personalities, and interviews with related individuals.

Nasir Baig Chughtai has done some 200 programs of Foreign Affairs. He has discussed all important issues including Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, WTO, UN restructure, problems of South Asia and Muslim Umma. He hosted the first ever programme in Pakistan to debate whether Pakistan should accept Israel.

Nasir Baig Chughtai is among few foreigner journalists who have visited Srinagar and Jammu. He recorded his programmes in Srinagar University and at the Lal Chowk of Srinagar. Lal Chowk is considered as a center point of clashes between Indian army and Kashmiri freedom fighters.

Comments on international issues

On Election in India:

Nasir Baig Chughtai said that if Sonia Gandhi becomes the prime minister, India would move four steps forward for nurturing and strengthening the friendship with Pakistan.

He said that the outcome of Indian elections unfolding change in leadership would not initiate any alteration in Indian policy relating to Pakistan; instead the talks for the promotion of friendship would further move forward and, he added, "If Congress forms the government, we will take this friendship further four steps forward.”

On Geo Ban:

“Attacks have also brought channels as well as journalists closer to each other and a strong unity has emerged,” said Nasir Baig Chughtai, Geo’s director of news. “Intense attacks from the government as well as from various pressure groups, political parties and vested interests have increased” since the CJP’s suspension, said Shamimur Rehman of the Karachi Union of Journalists. He said journalists had also been beaten up at rallies in Lahore and Islamabad as the threat to Musharraf's rule has grown. Hameed Haroon, publisher of the Dawn newspaper, wrote an open letter asking the government of Pakistan to desist from "abducting and arresting journalists" and "physically attacking newspaper offices." Musharraf had previously been credited with relaxing press restrictions, accepting media criticism, and awarding licences to a booming number of private satellite channels. "We were dead either way," said Nasir Baig Chughtai, who is a senior and popular figure among the journalists in Pakistan.


Nasir Baig Chughtai has visited many countries in South Asia, Middle East, the Far East, and North America. He has covered Islamic summits in Putrajaya, Malaysia and Makkah, Saudi Arabia, the SAARC summit in Islamabad, and also the UN General Assembly session during his professional career.


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