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Country  India
Director  Charles
Language  Tamil

Release date  April 1, 2011 (2011-04-01)

Nanjupuram 30sec trailer

Nanjupuram is a 2011 Tamil fantasy-thriller film directed by Charles, starring Raaghav, Monica and Thambi Ramaiah in the lead roles. The film, which features music scored by Raaghav himself, is produced by his wife Preetha. The film has been in production for over three years and was finally released on 1 April 2011.



  • Raaghav as Velu
  • Monica as Malar
  • Aadukalam Naren
  • Thambi Ramiah
  • Priya
  • Anuya Bhagvath in a special appearance
  • Plot

    Nanjupuram is a small village surrounded by hills full of poisonous snakes. The village has two big shots; one is the president of the village (Thambi Ramaiah), and the other one is a good guy having a son named Velu (Raaghav). The president has an affair with the mother of the film's heroine. He often comes to the house of the heroine Malar (Monica).

    One day, while treating a snake-bitten girl from the village, the unafraid Velu takes her to the opposite side of the hill, across the snakes. Malar also accompanies him. After getting treatment, Malar and Velu fall in love with each other. One day, when Malar is taking a bath with her friends in the river, a snake comes to attack her. Just then, Velu arrives and stamps the snake. The snake is brutally injured in its neck. The snake then runs off leaving Velu's parents and others struck in fear, as hurt snakes would revenge the assaulter by killing them within forty days of the attack. They build Velu a hut above 30 feet with dug land beneath it, but Velu often gets down and goes to the riverside during the night to meet Malar when the guards are asleep.

    One day, his dad finds about this and asks the president to warn Malar. The president goes to her house and threatens Malar and her mother to see a bride groom for Malar quickly. They arrange her marriage, but Malar is not happy with this. At the same time, Velu is threatened with the return of the same snake trying to kill him. So he doesn't goes to meet Malar in the banks. One day when Malar's engagement is also over, she asks Velu's friend, a thief, to speak to him and ask him to come and meet her. The thief tells Velu that Malar is waiting for him and that the snake's return and all is just a fear. Velu strengthens his heart and goes for Malar, when the thief distracts the guards and make them chase him. Velu and Malar decide to go out of the village to get married.

    Just then, the snake comes and chases them. At the time, the villagers find out their escape and search for them around the village. When the snake was about to kill Velu, the sun rises, marking the end of the 40th day, thus the snake goes away. But the president and his henchmen find out Malar and try to kill her. Velu shields her and gets attacked and he dies there. After Velu's death Malar bears his child and gives birth to it. The film closes with Velu's little son playing with snakes just like his dead father.


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