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Najwa Qassem

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Najwa Qassem

Al Arabiya

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Television presenter and journalist

Best Female Presenter, 2006, Arab Media Festival

Giselle Khoury, Mayssoun Azzam, Rima Maktabi

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Najwa Qassem (whose last name can be written phonetically in English as Qasem, Qassim or Alqasim, and Al Qassim) is a Lebanese journalist and television presenter (anchor) for Al Arabiya.


Qassem has received many professional awards, and she was named by Arabian Business Magazine as one of the 100 most powerful women in the Arab world.


Najwa Qassem was born in Lebanon a few years before the Lebanese Civil War. Qassem initially aspired to study architecture but soon fell in love with media and televised broadcasting.


She first appeared on television in 1993 on Future TV of Beirut. In 2003 she became a part of the team for Al Arabiya. Since 2003 Quassem has been a senior anchor and correspondent of the Al Arabiya news channel. She has covered numerous wars and assassinations during her career including the assassination of Rafic Hariri in 2005, and is considered a veteran news reporter.

Notable reporting assignments

Throughout her years of experience she has put herself in the front lines of danger, and has covered some of the dangerous things going on in the world.

  • The War on Afghanistan
  • Israel Occupations
  • Subsequent Withdrawals in South Lebanon
  • Iraq War

    A year after joining the Al Arabiya team, she experienced and survived a bombing attack on the Al Arabiya's Baghdad news station. Eight people died in the bombing.

    Najwa Qassem reported updates on the Iraqi war from the front lines in Baghdad. During her last week in Bagdad, the capital of Iraq, restrictions were placed on journalists making it dangerous to move around.

    2006 Lebanon War

    Najwa Qassem received extensive coverage during the 2006 Lebanon War as she was one of a number of female Arab reporters who were reporting from the front lines. Qassam and her colleague Rima Maktabi observed the bombing of a heavily populated region of south Lebanon being attacked from the air as well as the sea.


    Najwa Qassem was awarded Best Female Presenter in 2006 at the Fourth Arab Media Festival.


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