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Kingdom  Animalia
Higher classification  Ant
Rank  Subfamily
Length  Pharaoh ant: 0.2 cm
Scientific name  Myrmicinae
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Hymenopterans
Myrmicinae myrmicinae
Lower classifications  Fire ant, Pheidole, Crematogaster, Myrmica, Tetramorium

Immobility behavior of temnothorax congruus formicidae myrmicinae movie2

Myrmicinae is a subfamily of ants, with about 140 extant genera; their distribution is cosmopolitan. The pupae lack cocoons. Some species retain a functional sting. The petioles of Myrmicinae consist of two nodes. The nests are permanent and in soil, rotting wood, under stones, or in trees.


Myrmicinae Subfamily Myrmicinae Myrmicine ants

Some ants from myrmicinae family eating a horse fly booriing


Myrmicinae Myrmicinae Myrmica BugGuideNet

Myrmicine worker ants have a distinct postpetiole, i.e., abdominal segment III is notably smaller than segment IV and set off from it by a well-developed constriction; the pronotum is inflexibly fused to the rest of the mesosoma, such that the promesonotal suture is weakly impressed or absent; and a functional sting is usually present. The clypeus is well-developed; as a result, the antennal sockets are well separated from the anterior margin of the head. Most myrmicine genera possess well-developed eyes and frontal lobes that partly conceal the antennal insertions.


Recently, the number of tribes was reduced from over 20 to just 6:

Myrmicinae tolweborgtreeToLimagesCreCer2reducedjpg
  • Attini Smith, 1858
  • Crematogastrini Forel, 1893
  • Myrmicini Lepeletier de Saint-Fargeau, 1835
  • Pogonomyrmecini Ward, Brady, Fisher & Schultz, 2015
  • Solenopsidini Forel, 1893
  • Stenammini Ashmead, 1905
  • Genera

    Myrmicinae Myrmicinae

    In 2014, a majority of genera were placed into different tribes or moved to other subfamilies. Below is an updated list:

    Myrmicinae Alex Wild Photography Photo Keywords ant myrmicinae
    Myrmicinae Alex Wild Photography Photo Keywords red ants myrmicinae


    Myrmicinae Wikipedia

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