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My Super Psycho Sweet 16

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Director  Jacob Gentry
Music director  Ben Lovett
Country  United States
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Language  English
My Super Psycho Sweet 16 movie poster

Release date  October 23, 2009 (2009-10-23)
Writer  Jed Elinoff, Scott Thomas
Sequel  My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2
Cast  Julianna Guill (Madison Penrose), Lauren McKnight (Skye Rotter), Chris Zylka (Brigg Jenner)
Similar movies  My Super Psycho Sweet 16 and My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 are part of the same movie series
Tagline  A party to die for

My super psycho sweet 16 trailer

My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is a 2009 American teen drama horror slasher television film, based on the MTV show, My Super Sweet 16. The film follows two girls: an outcast named Skye Rotter (Lauren McKnight), and an extremely spoiled girl named Madison Penrose (Julianna Guill). Madison convinces her parents to re-open the Roller Dome for her sweet sixteenth birthday party. The Roller Dome, a roller skating rink that Skye's father used to own had been closed because a series of brutal murders took place there ten years ago. The killer, who happens to be Skye's father, comes back to wreak havoc during Madison's party, however.


The film was followed by two sequels, My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 and My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3.

my super psycho sweet 16 part 2 official trailer


Madison Penrose (Julianna Guill) prepares for her sweet sixteen. She wants to have her birthday party at the Roller Dome, a once popular roller skating rink with a violent history to match. She and her parents go so far as to hire a party planner (Jacob Gentry). A few days before the party, while alone in the roller rink, the party planner hears a strange noise. The scene then flashes back to 1999, where Charlie Rotter (Alex Van) is the owner and entertainer of the Roller Dome (he is known as "Lord of the Rink" and dresses in costume attire). One day, Rotter is humiliated by an ungrateful teenage boy named Craig (Damien Haas), who slaps a cake out of Rotter's hands and rips his mask off in front of everybody, including his six-year-old daughter, Skye (Lauren Eichner).

Later that night, Craig and his girlfriend, Karen, break into the Roller Dome, where they are brutally murdered by the "Lord of the Rink". Young Skye witnesses the murders and calls the police. They find him in the basement and, upon arresting Rotter, discover that four more bodies have been dismembered and stuffed into an oil bin. While on his way to prison, the van crashes and burns, and Rotter appears to have died.

Ten years later, Skye Rotter (Lauren McKnight) is an outcast, tortured by her classmates because of what happened a decade ago. One day, she has a "moment" with Madison's ex-boyfriend, Brigg (Chris Zylka). That same day, after swimming class, Skye finds out that her gym locker has been trashed by Madison and her friends Olivia (Maia Osman) and Chloe (Susan Griffith). Madison's friend Lily (Leandra Teranzzano) tells Skye who trashed her locker. Lily admits that she actually dislikes Madison, and that the reason why Madison is attacking Skye is because Skye flirted with Brigg. She tells Skye to hook up with Brigg to get revenge on Madison at her sweet sixteen party.

Skye, in nothing but a towel and a one-piece bathing suit, tries to leave the building, but she is interrupted by Madison, Olivia, and Chloe. In addition to warning Skye about staying away from Brigg, Madison calls Skye a nobody and says that the yearbook would not waste space on her if she died. Afterward, Skye begins walking home in her swimsuit and towel. Brigg drives by her, slows down, and offers her a ride home. While driving, Brigg asks Skye to hang out Saturday night.

The next day, Madison hands out invitations to her Sweet Sixteen. Having invited Brigg, it interferes with his plans with Skye. Brigg goes to Skye's house and explains to her that he has to go because he and Madison have history, and that he will make it up to Skye. Skye tells him that they both know that this isn't going to work because he is popular and she is not. Brigg kisses Skye and lets her know that he wants to spend more time with her after the party, and he promises that they will go out. When Brigg leaves, Skye's best friend Derek walks out onto Skye's porch and asks if she was just talking to Brigg. Skye then asks Derek if he still wants to crash Madison's party.

Lily leaves a secret opening for Skye and Derek behind the roller rink, and the two sneak in without a hitch. Things seem fine at first, until the party planner is killed by Charlie Rotter, who survived the crash. Skye finds Brigg and they skate together. Derek and Lily are chatting, and she asks him to go get some fruit punch to mix with her vodka so they can party. Derek walks off to go get the punch, but Brigg's friend Kevin (Joey Nappo) sees him and locks him in the basement. After warning Madison of Derek and Skye's appearance, Kevin takes Rotter's "Lord of the Rink" costume and decides to play a trick on Skye by standing up in the mezzanine of the Roller Dome. Skye spots Kevin, thinks that he is actually her father, and then runs to him. Kevin laughs and mocks her as he starts to leave the mezzanine. He is then choked and bludgeoned to death by Rotter, who then finds his mask on the floor and puts it on.

Derek, still locked in the basement, is let out by Lily, who is drunk and ends up making out with him. Chloe has a plan of hiding in the bathroom stall with a fire extinguisher and assaulting Skye with it. Olivia proceeds to dump one of her drinks on Skye's lap so that she will have to wash up in the bathroom that Chloe is hiding in. Brigg, trying to find Skye, ends up in the VIP room and is ambushed by Madison, who throws herself at him and kisses him. Skye walks in on them and leaves the room upset. Brigg then tells Madison that he doesn't want her and leaves. Meanwhile, Chloe is waiting for Skye, and hears who she thinks is Skye walking in. She comes out, spraying the extinguisher at Rotter instead. Annoyed, he takes the extinguisher out of her hand and beats her to death with it.

Lily decides to key Madison's car for a birthday present. While she is keying the words "Happy Sweet 16" into the hood, the car revs up and starts chasing after her. She is rammed into a brick wall but escapes. She runs up to a stairwell, and tries to escape to the street ahead by trying to climb over a gate. Rotter catches up to Lily and kills her by slitting her throat with a sword. Skye runs off to her father's old office and calls Derek, letting him know that she wants to leave. Brigg then finds Skye and tries to explain what happened, but Skye wants to hear none of it.

While Madison's birthday cake is being brought out, Olivia goes to the bathroom to find Chloe, thinking that she's hooking up somewhere. Upon entering the stall next to where Chloe was murdered, Olivia discovers Chloe's body on the floor. She tries to warn everyone else, but Rotter appears and decapitates her, and her headless body skates and collides with Madison's birthday cake. Frightened, everyone leaves, except for Madison and Skye. Madison accuses Skye of ruining her party because of her relation to Rotter. While running, they find that Rotter has gutted the party planner. Brigg runs back in for Skye, and they run up to the mezzanine with Rotter in pursuit. Derek flashes the spotlight in Rotter's face, temporarily blinding and distracting him while Skye and Madison escape. As the girls reach the dance floor below, Brigg is thrown from the mezzanine above. As Skye, Derek, and Madison run out, Rotter grabs Madison and slams her head into a party table, knocking her out. Rotter catches up to Skye and Derek at the door and strangles Derek. Skye begs her father to spare him, and Rotter does so by throwing him out of the door, locking Madison, Skye, and himself inside.

Madison wakes up in the basement with Skye, their hands both tied to a table. Skye tells Madison that she is a "bully." Rotter unties Skye, gives her a knife, and tells her to kill Madison, wanting her to be a killer like him. But Madison manipulates Skye into refusing and stabbing Rotter in his leg with the knife, then dropping a cabinet on him, injuring and stunning him. She then tries to untie Madison. Madison insults her while they try to escape. Once untied, Madison selfishly knocks over Skye in order to get to the door, but Rotter reaches out and trips her. Learning Madison's evil heart, Skye locks Madison in with Rotter, telling her, "Have a super birthday, Madison." As Rotter gets up, Madison furiously screams insults at Skye as she goes up the steps. Rotter then slits Madison's throat, and he places her body in a chair with a party hat on her head and a very small cake with a lit candle in front of her. Skye leaves the building and meets Derek outside, who is excited to see that she is okay. Skye leaves town in Madison's new car as police arrive at the scene but Rotter is gone by the time they get there.

A few days later, Brigg has a bad dream that he wakes up injured in the hospital. Skye tells him that he's been out for days, and that she came back for him. Then she stabs him to death while crying to her father. He frantically awakes from the nightmare in the hospital. He says that he wants to see Skye, but the nurse tells him that no one has seen her. Saddened, he turns over on his side, only to see a picture that Skye drew on the table next to him, revealing that she was in the room while he was unconscious.


  • Julianna Guill as Madison Penrose
  • Lauren McKnight as Skye Rotter
  • Lauren Eichner as Young Skye
  • Chris Zylka as Brigg
  • Matt Angel as Derek
  • Alex Van as Charlie Rotter
  • Maia Osman as Olivia
  • Susan Griffith as Chloe
  • Joey Nappo as Kevin
  • Leandra Terrazzano as Lilly
  • Ric Reitz as Mr. Penrose
  • Kathleen Batson as Mrs. Penrose
  • Shannon Eubanks as Aunt Sarah
  • Chad McKnight as Party Planner
  • Damien Haas as Craig
  • Production

    The movie was shot in Atlanta, where Gentry and Motlagh grew up. The film never mentions Atlanta, but it shows the skyline at the very end. Gentry told Radio and TV Talk, "There are things shown that makes it clear it's Atlanta if you know Atlanta." The high school scenes were mostly filmed at Henry W. Grady high school, including the library, locker room and gym. Shots were also filmed at Sprayberry High School. Madison also makes reference to flying a stylist in 3,000 miles from Los Angeles, making it evident that the film is set somewhere on the East Coast. Gentry also told Radio and TV Talk, "We wanted to make it every city, not too region specific. We wanted it to connect with anyone."

    All of the minor characters live in Atlanta, making casting much easier. Thousands of girls auditioned for the role of Madison Penrose, according to casting directors, but Julianna Guill seemed "Perfect for the role."


    No official soundtrack has been announced for release yet, but the songs below were all featured in the film:

    Critical reception

    The film was generally well received by audiences. It delivered the network's strongest rating in the time period in over a year and a half. Among female teens, the film ranked #1 in its time period versus all ad supported TV competition and #2 overall across all television competition behind only Disney. Scott Foy of Dread Central rated it 2.5 stars and wrote, "Too much of My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is just a regurgitating of teen movie clich├ęs with the emphasis more on the romantic triangle and teen bullying side of the plot than the masked psychopath randomly hacking and slashing party patrons."

    Unrated version

    Airings on MTV are slightly edited; iTunes and DVD releases are uncut, featuring a bit more gore. Edited scenes include Craig's death, showing the pool stick impaling him; the party-planner's corpse in the chase scene is shown longer; and Brigg's dream in the end is longer.

    Home release

    My Super Psycho Sweet 16 was released on DVD on October 18, 2010, to coincide with the premiere of the sequel a week later on October 22. It is the unrated version and contains no special features. It is available to buy on and to download on the iTunes Store. Due to several complaints about the DVD just being a burnt copy of the movie, Paramount Home Entertainment announced a Blu-ray Combo Pack edition, but no official release date has been announced.


    On May 25, 2010, MTV confirmed a My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 to be directed by Jacob Gentry. Filming began in early July. It was aired by MTV on October 22, 2010. The 30-second teaser trailer premiered online on September 10, 2010, and the full-length official trailer debuted alongside the poster on September 23 of that same year. The movie takes place directly where the first one leaves off. Lauren McKnight, Chris Zylka, Alex Van and Matt Angel are the only recurring characters, with Julianna Guill reprising her role as Madison Penrose for a cameo.

    My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3 aired on MTV on March 13, 2012. Jillian Rose Reed joined the cast as Skye's new friend, Sienna.


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