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My Date with a Vampire II

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Final episode date
30 April 2000

Written by
Sap Sam Chan


First episode date
March 2000

Number of episodes

Sap Sam Chan

My Date with a Vampire II httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen554My

Fantasy, jiangshi fiction, supernatural, romance

Directed by
Chan San-hapNg Kam-yuenSin Chi-waiWong Wai-kitChan Kwok-wahTang Hin-singMa Wah-konCHeung Kin-waiLeung Yan-chuenLau Tze-fukLeung Kwok-kunLau Wai-sing

Eric WanJoey MengKristy YangKenneth ChanPinky CheungBerg NgChapman ToSimon YamRuby WongCheung Kwok-kuenWong Shee-tongJoey Leung

Opening theme
Ka Yu Chan Di Yau Ko Yeuk Wui (假如真的有個約會; If We Really Do Have a Date) performed by Chiang Ka-ying

Ending theme
Ngoi Zoi Tei Kau Wai Mit Si (愛在地球毀滅時; Love When the Earth is Destroyed) performed by Lee Kwok-cheung

My Date with a Vampire, My Date with a Vampire III, Fist of Fury, Vampire Expert, Inbound Troubles

My Date with a Vampire II is a 2000 Hong Kong television series produced by ATV as a sequel to My Date with a Vampire (1998), but with a completely new story. It was followed by My Date with a Vampire III in 2004. The series starred many cast members from the first season. Like the first season, My Date with a Vampire II also blends aspects of the Chinese "hopping" corpses of jiangshi fiction with those of western vampires, while injecting elements of Chinese mythology and modern horror legends, but in this season, there is an additional touch of eschatology.


My Date with a Vampire II Date with a Vampire II


My Date with a Vampire II My Date With a Vampire II 2000 Review by Hunt ATV TV Series

At the end of the first season, the buddha Vairocana granted Fong Kwok-wah (Fong Tin-yau) his wish to travel back in time and be a vampire no more. At the start of the second season, Fong Kwok-wah and Yamamoto Kazuo clash again in 1938 and their fight arouses the attention of the vampire progenitor Cheung San, who interrupts the fight. Just as Cheung San is about to bite the two men and turn them into vampires, Ma Dan-na appears and attacks Cheung San and drives him away, thus sparing Fong and Yamamoto from their fates. Not long later, Fong agrees to help Ma hunt down and destroy Cheung San. They succeed in trapping Cheung San but he breaks free, bites Fong and the boy Fuk-sang, and transforms them into vampires.

My Date with a Vampire II My Date With a Vampire II episode 30 part 6 Can YouTube

Fong Kwok-wah and Fuk-sang survive until the present-day (1990s) and their physical appearances have not changed since 60 years ago. However, before Fong became a vampire, he already had a son with his wife Sau, so he now has a grandson named Fong Tin-yau. Fong Tin-yau is killed in an incident in England so Fong Kwok-wah impersonates his grandson. He meets Ma Siu-ling (a descendant of Ma Dan-na), the heiress to a clan of ghostbusters who have dedicated themselves to ridding the world of evil supernatural beings. Fong starts a romance with Ma.

My Date with a Vampire II YESASIA My Date With A Vampire II Ep 2143 End VCD Simon Yam

Nüwa, the goddess who created humankind in Chinese mythology, feels very disappointed and heartbroken after seeing how her creations have been corrupted by evil. She intends to end the world on 2 January 2001. Cheung San existed long before the world came into existence, and he has a crush on Nüwa. Fong Tin-yau, Ma Siu-ling, and their friends plan to stop Nüwa from ending the world. However, they will come into conflict with not only the goddess herself, but also Cheung San and his followers.


See My Date with a Vampire#Vampires for a description of the vampires depicted in this television series.


My Date with a Vampire II My Date With a Vampire II episode 20 part 1 Can YouTube

  • Eric Wan as Fong Kwok-wah (况国华; 況國華; Kuàng Guóhuá), the protagonist. At the end of the first season, the buddha Vairocana granted Fong his wish to travel back in time and be a vampire no more. In this season, Fong marries his first love, Sau, and has a son with her. Later, he joins Ma Dan-na in a fight against Cheung San, but they are defeated by him. Cheung San bites Fong and Fuk-sang and transforms them into second generation vampires. Fong takes on the identity of Fong Tin-yau after his grandson's death. His special ability is superhuman speed.
  • Eric Wan also portrayed Fong Tin-yau (況天佑; Kuàng Tiānyòu), Fong Kwok-wah's grandson, who resembles his grandfather in appearance. Fong Kwok-wah has never met his grandson during those 60 years. Fong Tin-yau works in Hong Kong as a policeman and has Wong Jan-jan as his girlfriend, but also treats Ma Siu-ling as a close friend and tried to start a relationship with her at one point but was rejected. His personality is more open and cheerful as compared to his reserved and quiet grandfather. He is killed by Larry in England. After his death, his spirit realises that he is not meant to be in this world since he only came into existence after his grandfather travelled back in time in the first season. He bids everyone farewell, ascends to Heaven, and passes on his identity to his grandfather.
  • Eric Wan also portrayed Fong Chung-tong (況中棠; Kuàng Zhōngtáng), Fong Kwok-wah's avatar in his previous life. Fong was a general in the Qin dynasty and was Ma Ling-yi's lover. When Qin Shi Huang became a vampire, he was afraid that Ma would destroy him, and so he forced Fong to kill her by threatening to execute Fong's family if he did not do so. Fong killed his lover unwillingly and committed suicide to join her.
  • Joey Meng as Ma Siu-ling (马小玲; 馬小玲; Má Xiǎolíng), the heiress to the Ma clan. This character is similar to the one in the first season, except that Fong Tin-yau tried to woo Ma before Wong Jan-jan became his girlfriend. Fong also gave her a nickname "Witch Ling" (巫婆玲), since Ma Siu-ling's career as a ghostbuster is not kept secret as it was in the first season. She falls in love with Fong Kwok-wah after mistaking him for Fong Tin-yau. Ma and her friends attempt to stop Nüwa from destroying the world later, but Cheung San, who has a crush on Nüwa, starts killing her loved ones. To prevent herself from losing her powers due to shedding tears, Ma asks Fong to perform the Forgetting Love Curse (忘情咒) on her. However, this causes Ma Ling-yi's personality to be awakened in Ma Siu-ling's body.
  • Joey Meng also portrayed a young Ma Dan-na (马丹娜; 馬丹娜; Mǎ Dānnà), Ma Siu-ling's grandaunt. She appears to her grandniece in the form of a ghost, giving advice and guiding her. In a battle against Cheung San, she sacrifices herself to increase Ma Ding-dong's powers and her soul is destroyed as a consequence.
  • Joey Meng also portrayed Ma Ling-yi (马灵儿; 馬靈兒; Mǎ Líng'er), Ma Siu-ling's avatar in her previous life. Ma was the ancestor of the Ma clan and she was the one who brought the Divine Dragon under her control and created the nine-character mantra to summon it to destroy evil beings. She served Qin Shi Huang as a sorceress and fell in love with the general Fong Chung-tong. When Qin Shi Huang became a vampire, he was afraid that Ma would destroy him so he forced Fong to kill her. Ma thought that Fong had betrayed her love so she cast a curse forbidding her descendants from shedding tears for men or they will lose their powers.
  • Simon Yam as Cheung San (将臣; 將臣; Jiàng Chén), the progenitor of all vampires and the primary antagonist in the second season. He lived long before the world came into existence and does not need to feed on blood to survive. He met the goddess Nüwa, who named him "Cheung San" (literally "general and minister") in the hope that he will serve the world well. In his early life and "premature" stage, he was a naive creature who did not understand good and evil, and he turned people into vampires because he wanted to save them from dying. In his whole life, he has bitten only five people: Kei-nok (Xu Fu), Lei Wai-si (Crow), Fong Kwok-wah, Fuk-sang and Sze-to Fan-yan. He was still in his "naive" stage when Ma Dan-na and Fong Kwok-wah attacked him, and he accidentally injured Fong and Fuk-sang while defending himself. He saw that they were on the verge of death, so he turned them into vampires to save them. He decides to experience the life of an ordinary human to understand human nature better, so he disguises himself as a man called Geung Chan-tso (姜真祖; Jiāng Zhēnzǔ; "True Ancestor Jiang"; the "Jiang" in his name is a homonym of the "jiang" in jiangshi). He attends university and meets Ma Ding-dong, whom he has feelings for, and this makes him understand the meaning of love. When Nüwa decides to destroy the world, he feels troubled and initially attempts to dissuade her from her plan. However, he takes Nüwa's side when the goddess comes into conflict with Fong Tin-yau and his allies, because he truly loves Nüwa and does not want anyone to harm her.
  • Ruby Wong as Nüwa (女娲; 女媧; Nǚwā), the goddess who created humankind in Chinese mythology. Cheung San is secretly in love with her. She decides to destroy her creations after witnessing how people have been corrupted by evil, but Fong Tin-yau and his allies attempt to stop her.
  • Angie Cheong as Ma Ding-dong (马叮当; 馬叮噹; Mǎ Dīngdāng), Ma Siu-ling's aunt and Ma Dan-na's niece. She is very powerful and appears to be the most likely person in the Ma family who can destroy Cheung San. While she was in university, she meets Geung Chan-tso through a school play and falls in love with him. When her aunt asks her to join her in destroying Cheung San, she is shocked to discover that Geung Chan-tso is actually Cheung San. She lies to her aunt that she has lost her powers because she cried, and has fallen in love with Cheung San. In anger, Ma Dan-na expels her from the Ma family. Later, she meets Cheung San, who promises to do three things for her: save the newborn baby El Niño; stop Nüwa from destroying the world; ensure that Fong Tin-yau, Ma Siu-ling and their friends are not harmed. Sze-to Fan-yan develops a crush on her. Later, in the battle between Nüwa against Fong Tin-yau and his allies, Ma Dan-na sacrifices herself to transfer her powers to her niece, who uses a magic sword to attack Nüwa and seriously injure the goddess. Cheung San is forced to kill Ma Ding-dong to prevent her from killing Nüwa but Ma's death causes him to be deeply traumatised. He brings her body to the moon later.
  • Kristy Yang as Wong Jan-jan (王珍珍; Wáng Zhēnzhēn), Fong Tin-yau's girlfriend. She breaks up with the fake Fong Tin-yau (actually Fong Kwok-wah) after learning that the real Tin-yau is dead and that she is not Kwok-wah's true love. She then starts a romance with Sze-to Fan-yan. She is killed by Domoto Sei, who was misled into believing that Fong Tin-yau and the others are planning to harm his wife and unborn son. Before she dies, Fong wants to turn her into a vampire to save her, but she tells him not to if he does not love her, so Fong hesitates and she dies. Sze-to blames Fong for her death and bears a grudge against Fong for not saving her.
  • Kristy Yang also appeared in flashbacks as Yamamoto Yuki (山本雪; Shānběn Xuě), Yamamoto Kazuo's wife.
  • Kenneth Chan as Yamamoto Kazuo (山本一夫; Shānběn Yìfū), a major of the Imperial Japanese Army and Fong Kwok-wah's rival. Ma Dan-na appeared and interrupted the fight between him and Fong, thereby preventing Cheung San from biting Yamamoto and turning him into a vampire. He was injured during the Second Sino-Japanese War and returned to Japan to recuperate. He used cruel and tough means to "groom" his maternal grandson, Domoto Sei, to become a cold and ruthless man. In his old age, he meets Fong again and realises that the latter has become an undying vampire. He finds it amusing and feels that he is more fortunate than Fong because he has a choice of death while Fong does not. He commits seppuku in front of Fong and dies laughing at him.
  • Kenneth Chan also portrayed Sze-to Fan-yan (司徒奋仁; 司徒奮仁; Sītú Fènrén), the deputy director of a television station in Hong Kong. He is selfish and resorts to unscrupulous means to increase the ratings of his station. However, he mends his ways and becomes a good man after meeting Wong Jan-jan, and has a short-lived romance with her. He discovers later that he is actually a clone of Yamamoto. He meets Blue Strength, who lies to him that he is a saviour of the world and instigates him to use his "special ability" to heal others. It is revealed later that the source of this power comes from a tumour in his brain and that he is "healing" people by transferring their problems to others. For example, if he cures 10 people of blindness, another 10 people will become blind as a consequence, so he is not really healing people. The tumour in his brain becomes larger as he continues to use his "healing" power, so by the time he finds out the real problem, it is already too late as he only has a month to live. He encounters Cheung San, who bites him and turns him into a vampire, moments before Wong Jan-jan's death. He holds a grudge against Fong Tin-yau for not saving Wong, but reluctantly cooperates with Fong and their friends on a few occasions. He has a crush on Ma Ding-dong later. After she dies, he pretends to submit to Cheung San so that he can get close to Cheung San and kill him to avenge Ma Ding-dong. However, he ends up being controlled by Cheung San instead and is forced to help Cheung San create chaos in Hong Kong. He breaks free of Cheung San's control eventually and joins Fong Tin-yau in the final battle against Cheung San but is seriously wounded and dies.
  • Cheung Kwok-kuen as Fuk-sang (复生; 復生; Fùshēng), a child prodigy and boy vampire who uses his intelligence to help Fong Tin-yau. As he was bitten by Cheung San when he was still a boy, he does not grow up and remains as a boy. His special ability allows him to change people's appearances temporarily. At the end of the series, the Pangu tribe make him human again.
  • Wong Shee-tong as Ho Ying-kau (何应求; 何應求; Hé Yìngqíu), the successor to Mo Siu-fong (the protagonist in Vampire Expert). He provides medical treatment for both the living and supernatural beings. He is an ally and close friend of Fong Tin-yau, Ma Siu-ling, and their friends. He is killed by Cheung San.
  • Chapman To as Kam Ching-chung (金正中; Jīn Zhèngzhōng), Ma Siu-ling's apprentice and a distant relative of Kam Mei-loi. He starts a romance with the ghost Sadako. In the later episodes, he is bitten by Sze-to Fan-yan and becomes a vampire. He loses control of his blood lust, and is destroyed by Ma in the end, to her great despair.
  • Pinky Cheung as Kam Mei-loi (金未來; Jīn Wèilái), a distant relative of Kam Ching-chung. She falls in love with Domoto Sei, who bites her and transforms her into a vampire when she is mortally wounded at one point. Her special ability allows her to fire bullets from her fingers. She bears Domoto a son, El Niño. She is killed by Blue Strength while protecting her child, but her strong will and love for her son make her forget that she is already dead, and she manages to escape together with her son. She is reminded of her death later when Cheung San tells her and she really dies.
  • Berg Ng as Domoto Sei (堂本静; 堂本靜; Tángbén Jìng), Yamamoto's maternal grandson. In his childhood, he once saw his maternal grandfather (whom he hated) die in front of Fong Kwok-wah, and is so impressed with Fong that he also wants to be a vampire. When he grows up, he thinks that he is a vampire and commits several murders by putting on faux fangs and biting his victims to death. He becomes a real vampire after being bitten by Lei Wai-si, and his special ability allows him to enter people's dreams. He falls in love with Kam Mei-loi, whom he attempted to murder earlier, and fathers El Niño with her. He is deceived by Blue Strength and misled into believing that Fong Tin-yau and his friends are planning to harm his wife and unborn son, so he goes on a rampage and kills several innocent people, including Wong Jan-jan. He is eventually destroyed by Ma Siu-ling and repents before his death.
  • Joey Leung as Domoto El Niño (堂本厄尔尼诺; 堂本厄爾尼諾; Tángbén Èěrnínuò), Domoto Sei and Kam Mei-loi's son and the maternal great-grandson of Sze-to Fan-yan (Yamamoto). He is destined to be the Demon Star (魔星; Mó Xīng) because he is the offspring of two vampires. His father named him "El Niño" after the Christ child. Before his birth, his mother did not consume sufficient blood so he suffered from malnutrition. When he was born, he did not have hair and aged quickly — he could only live for a few months and reached adult size when he was only a month old. However, he has extraordinarily high IQ and could talk to his mother already when he was still inside her womb. He bears a grudge against his mother because she attempted to kill him once before he was born but forgives her later. His high IQ allows him to crack a secret code in the Bible, which holds a clue to stopping Nüwa from ending the world. He attempts to open the Pangu Tomb, which contains a secret weapon that can destroy Nüwa. He is seriously injured in a fight against Sze-to Fan-yan, who is being controlled by Cheung San, and dies at the hands of Cheung San eventually.
  • Sin Ho-ying as Master Peacock (孔雀大师; 孔雀大師; Kǒngquè Dàshī), a Buddhist monk from Mount Kōya in Japan. In the early episodes, he develops a rivalry with Ma Siu-ling during their encounter in England when he attempts to protect Larry from her. In the middle of the series, he meets Ma and Fong Tin-yau in Japan and they team up to eliminate the ghost Sadako. In the later episodes, he is bitten by his master and becomes a vampire. He dies in the final battle against Cheung San after using all his powers to recite the Heavenly Dragon Charm (天龍禪唱).
  • Saeki Hinako as Fujihara Sadako (藤原贞子; 藤原貞子; Téngyuán Zhēnzǐ), a ghost trapped in a computer network by Crow (Lei Wai-si). She helps Crow kill 3,000 people to complete a Blood Print Great Curse (血印大卍咒). Originally a vengeful spirit, she later meets Kam Ching-chung, falls in love with him and turns back to the path of goodness. Kam personally sends her off for reincarnation in the end.
  • Wong Mei-fan as Yuen Mung-mung (阮梦梦; 阮夢夢; Ruǎn Mèngmèng), a cheerful girl living in the same block as Wong Jan-jan and Ma Siu-ling. She has an aged mother, who is senile and talks to the television. She joins a beauty contest so that she can appear on television and talk to her mother. She is murdered by Domoto Sei, who was actually targeting Kam Mei-loi.
  • Lau Shek-yin as Unlucky Ghost (倒楣鬼; Dǎoméiguǐ), a ghost who brings bad luck to those around him, even when he was still alive. His mother died after giving birth to him; his father killed himself after going broke; his grandparents, who raised him, died in the 1953 Shek Kip Mei fire; every company he worked for ended up with financial problems; when he decided to learn martial arts from Bruce Lee, Lee died on that very day. Even after he killed himself, he still brings bad luck to others as a ghost. He tells Yuen Mung-Mung that in one of his past lives, he was a deity but was condemned to lead 99 life cycles of misfortune because he committed a transgression against nature.
  • Chan Wai-ming as Small Mi (小咪; Xiǎomī) / Mimi, a cat kept by Fuk-sang as a pet. She accidentally consumes half of the Universal Cleansing Dragon Pearl (淨世龍珠) and, as a result, transforms into a cat spirit that can take on human form. She also has the ability to recite the Ma clan's nine-character mantra and summon the Divine Dragon. She is secretly in love with Fong Kwok-wah so she asks Ma Siu-ling to let her be her apprentice. She kills herself in the Pangu Tomb after Fong Tin-yau tells her he does not love her.
  • Juliana Yiu as Big Mi (大咪; Dàmī), another cat kept by Fuk-sang as a pet. Like Small Mi, she also consumes half of the Universal Cleansing Dragon Pearl and transforms into a cat spirit as well. She works in Ma Ding-dong's bar, meets El Niño by chance and becomes attracted to him. She is seriously injured by Sze-to Fan-yan, who has lost control of himself, and dies from her wounds.
  • Tse Kwan-ho as Larry (莱利; 萊利; Láilì), the master of an ancient castle in England and a vampire. He is also Si-nga's fiancé. 50 years ago, when he was in the midst of his wedding with Si-nga, they were attacked by bandits and the wedding became a tragedy. The scent of fresh blood awakens his senses and he goes berserk and kills everyone in the castle. He bites Si-nga, who is seriously injured and dying, and turns her into a vampire. In the present-day, just after they have tied the knot, Si-nga dies at the hands of Ma Siu-ling. Larry is angered and he attacks them, killing Fong Tin-yau (the real one, Fong Kwok-wah's grandson) in the process. He is eventually destroyed by Ma Siu-ling. He and Si-nga become spirits and lead a happy life in the forest. It is revealed in the later episodes that Larry is actually Qin Shi Huang, who became a vampire thousands of years ago and went into hiding in England after realising he has become a monster.
  • Belinda Hamnett as Si-nga (诗雅; 詩雅; Shīyǎ), Larry's fiancée. 50 years ago, she was seriously wounded and Larry bit her and transformed her into an undying vampire to save her life. However, she hates Larry for that and goes around killing people and pushing the blame to Larry, making him live in guilt for a long time. She forgives Larry eventually and willingly dies at Ma Siu-ling's hands to help atone for Larry's sins. She and her lover transform into spirits and lead happy lives in the forest eventually.
  • Ricky Chan as Kei-nok (奇诺; 奇諾; Qínuò), who is actually Xu Fu (徐福; Xú Fú), the fangshi sent by Qin Shi Huang to search for the elixir of life. He met Cheung San and learnt that the key to immortality is to become a vampire, so he begged Cheung San for three days and three nights before the latter agreed to bite him and turn him into an undying vampire. He bit Qin Shi Huang later and turned him into a vampire as well. He instigated Qin Shi Huang to kill Ma Ling-yi because he feared that she would destroy them. He and Lei Wai-si serve as Blue Strength's henchmen. He is slain by Ma Ling-yi eventually. "Kei-nok" and "Lei Wai-si" are the common Cantonese translations of Keanu Reeves's name.
  • Yip Leung-choi as Lei Wai-si (李维斯; 李維斯; Lǐ Wéisī), originally known as Crow (乌鸦; 烏鴉; Wūyā), a traitor of the Mount Kōya school in Japan. 400 years ago, he willingly allowed Cheung San to bite him and turn him into a vampire. He and Kei-nok serve as Blue Strength's henchmen. Using his identity as Crow, he controls the ghost Sadako and uses her to complete the Blood Print Great Curse (血印大卍咒). He is killed by Kam Mei-loi when he attempts to harm her and her son. "Kei-nok" and "Lei Wai-si" are the common Cantonese translations of Keanu Reeves's name.
  • Ma Chung-tak as Blue Strength (蓝大力; 藍大力; Lán Dàlì), one of the Five Colours Ambassadors (五色使者). He represents Power, one of the evil instincts of mankind. He likes to control and manipulate people. Although he pledges allegiance to Nüwa, it is obvious that he loves being in power and will never truly submit to anyone. Kei-nok and Lei Wai-si often follow him to do his bidding. He was originally tasked with cloning a saviour for the world, but was worried that his creation would not listen to him and might pose a threat to him. When he was carrying out his mission, he accidentally switches DNA traces from the Shroud of Turin with Yamamoto's DNA, creating Sze-to Fan-yan instead of the intended saviour. He attempts to instigate the other Colours Ambassadors to betray Nüwa when Cheung San was away fighting with Fong Tin-yau. He is killed by Sze-to Fan-yan.
  • Wong Ngoi-yiu as Red Wave (红潮; 紅潮; Hóngcháo), one of the Five Colours Ambassadors. She represents Confusion, one of the evil instincts of mankind. She appears as an apparition without personality and appearance. She meets Sau (Fong Kwok-wah's first love) later and becomes so impressed with Sau that she models herself after her. She betrays Nüwa and sides with the protagonists, but dies from serious injuries later.
  • Elena Kong as Black Rain (黑雨; Hēiyǔ), one of the Five Colours Ambassadors. She represents Wrath, one of the evil instincts of mankind. She helped Kam Mei-loi, Wong Jan-jan and Ma Siu-ling predict their futures before. She hates Nüwa, betrays her, and sides with Ma Siu-ling and others to stop Nüwa from destroying the world. She is killed by Sze-to Fan-yan.
  • Wong Mei as White Vixen (白狐; Báihú), one of the Five Colours Ambassadors. She represents Obsession, one of the evil instincts of mankind. She is actually the nine-tailed vixen (the one who transformed into Daji in the Shang dynasty) that accompanies Nüwa, and she can travel through time. She has a romance with Yellow previously. She appears as a woman called Pak Sum-mei (Chinese: 白心媚; pinyin: Bái Xīnmèi) in the human world, where she meets Chu Wing-fuk and falls in love with him. She is unwilling to support Nüwa in the goddess's plan to destroy the world, and dies after saving Mary and entrusting her to Fuk-sang's care.
  • Lee Yun-kei as Yellow (黄子; 黃子; Huángzǐ), one of the Five Colours Ambassadors. He represents Envy, one of the evil instincts of mankind. He can transform into a giant serpent and previously had a romance with White Vixen. He disguises himself as a man called Sunny and becomes Fong Tin-yau's colleague in the police force. He loves White Vixen and feels jealous when he sees other men approaching her. He is killed by Sze-to Fan-yan.
  • Asuka Higuchi as Ming-yat (明日; Míngrì), a divine being. She reveals to Cheung San that Pangu, the creator of the universe in Chinese mythology, was not a single entity, but rather, a clan of divine beings who are also vampires. She and Cheung San are both members of the Pangu clan. She appears to help the protagonists stop Nüwa from ending the world.
  • Lam Chi-ho as Yau Chi-kit (游志杰; 游志傑; Yóu Zhìjié), nicknamed "Shorty Kit" (矮仔傑), the vice CEO of ITM (a computer company) in the Asia-Pacific region. He was Ma Siu-ling's classmate and has a crush on her.
  • Lee Fei as Jenny (珍妮; Zhēnnī), a female vampire and servant of Larry. She attempts to help her master take back the Angel's Tear and is seriously injured by Ma Siu-ling during a fight. She dies in Si-nga's arms.
  • Cheng Syu-fung as Lau Hoi (刘海; 劉海; Líu Hǎi), Fong Tin-yau and Sunny's boss in the police force. When Cheung San creates chaos in Hong Kong, he sends Yellow to threaten Lau Hoi and the police force to join him. Lau Hoi reluctantly cooperates initially, but later turns against Cheung San and helps Fong and his friends escape. He is killed by Sze-to Fan-yan.
  • Chung Yeung as Peter, Ma Ding-dong's university classmate. He likes Ma and often ridicules and taunts Geung Chan-tso (Cheung San). Cheung San kills him, captures and imprisons his soul in a mirror. He causes some disturbance when he traps Sze-to Fan-yan, Fuk-sang and some students in a parallel universe inside the mirror. He is subdued by Ma Siu-ling eventually and sent for reincarnation by Ma Ding-dong.
  • Wong Mei-ki as Mary / Chu Ma-lai (朱玛丽; 朱瑪麗; Zhū Mǎlì), Chu Wing-fuk's daughter. She is Fuk-sang's classmate and will become his girlfriend in the future.
  • Keung Ho-men as Chu Wing-fuk (朱永福; Zhū Yǒngfú), Pak Sum-mei's fiancé and Mary's father. He appears to be a loving and caring towards Pak Sum-mei and his family, but it turns out that he is in fact a wicked and scheming man who had murdered his ex-wives and lovers so that he can seize their wealth for himself. He fails in his attempt to murder White Vixen. She promises to spare his life, but transports him to the future (after 2 January 2001) and traps him in that post-apocalyptic time zone forever.
  • Chan Lai-wan as Chu Wing-fuk's mother (福妈; 福媽; Fúmā). She dislikes Pak Sum-mei, her son's new fiancée, and appears hostile and unfriendly towards Pak. Chu Wing-fuk has been giving Pak Sum-mei some vitamin tablets (which are actually slow-acting poison pills), but Pak gives them to Chu's mother in good faith and without knowing that they contain poison. Chu's mother later discovers that the tablets are poisonous and she accuses Pak Sum-mei of attempting to murder her and tries to strangle Pak to death, but Pak kills her while defending herself.

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