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Musa Anter

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Name  Musa Anter
Role  Writer

Education  Istanbul University
Musa Anter JTEM davasyla birletirilen Musa Anter davas ertelendi
Born  1920Nusaybin, Ottoman Empire
Died  September 20, 1992 Diyarbakir, Turkey
Occupation  Writer, political activist
Assassinated  September 20, 1992, Diyarbakir, Turkey
Books  Qimil / Kimil, Vakayiname, Cinara Min
Similar People  Mahmut Yildirim, Orhan Miroglu, Abdulkadir Aygan, Ahmet Cem Ersever, Serafettin Elci

Parents  Anter Efendi, Fasla Hanim

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Musa Anter (1920 in Nusaybin – September 20, 1992 in Diyarbakır), also known as "Ape Musa" (Kurdish: Apê Musa‎, literally "Uncle Musa"), was a Kurdish dissident writer and activist. He was a prominent Kurdish writer, journalist and intellectual and was assassinated by Turkish JITEM in September 1992.


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He was born in the Eskimağara (in Kurdish:Ziving) village (Nusaybin District of the Mardin Province). He completed his primary education in Mardin, and then studied at junior and senior high school in Adana. When he was a student, he had been to Syria during his summer holidays and got acquaintance with Kurdish nationalist intellectuals such as Celadet and Kamuran Bedir Khan, Kadri and Ekrem Cemilpaşa, Dr. Nafiz, Nuri Zaza, Nuri Dersimi, Qedrîcan, Osman Sabri, Haco Agha and his son Hasan, Emînê Perîxanê's son Şikriye Emîn, Mala Elyê Unus, Teufo Ciziri and Cigerxwîn.


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Anter was shot at a festival in 1992, in an incident in which Orhan Miroğlu was seriously injured. Some Turkish sources claimed that Abdülkadir Aygan, who was PKK militant and surrendered in 1985, then recruited as part of the first staff of JİTEM (the Turkish Gendarmerie's Intelligence and Counter-terrorism Service), had said he had been part of a JİTEM unit, along with a "Hamit" from Şırnak, which had assassinated Musa Anter.

Other Turkish sources claimed that the perpetrator was PKK defector Murat Ipek who received orders from the Turkish state's contract killer Mahmut Yıldırım (alias "Yeşil") , or Yeşil himself.

After long investigations, Turkish Gendarmerie Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism was found guilty of Anter's assassination and Turkey was fined related to his murder in 2006 by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), who sentenced Turkey to a fine of 28,500 Euros. A Diyarbakır court in 2013 allegedly charged four individuals with Anter's murder, including Mahmut Yıldırım (alias "Yeşil") and Abdülkadir Aygan.


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