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Muni (film)

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Country  India
Director  Raghava Lawrence
Language  Tamil
Muni (film) movie scenes  Tapsee is caught bathing in open but this is not any string operation or a scandal She did it for a scene in Lawerence Raghavendra s next Muni 3

Release date  9 March 2007

Muni tamil full movie raghava lawrence vedhicka rajkiran

Muni (Tamil: முனி) is a 2007 Tamil horror comedy film written and directed by Raghava Lawrence, who also plays the lead role. Vedhicka, Rajkiran and Rahul Dev among other play supporting roles, while the film's score is composed by Bharathwaj. The film released on 9 March 2007 along with a Telugu dubbed version of same name and gained average reviews and box office collections.Later,it was dubbed in Hindi as "Pratisodh-Ek Real Revenge" In 2011, a sequel titled Muni 2: Kanchana was released by Raghava Lawrence. It was the first installment in the Muni franchise.


Muni telugu full movie raghava lawrence vedhika rajkiran exclusive


Ganesh (Raghava Lawrence), a young man with a deep fear of ghosts who refuses to even go out after 6pm, moves into a new house with his mother (Kovai Sarala), father (Vinu Chakravarthy) and wife (Vedhicka) not knowing that it is the residence where Muni met his death and where his spirit now resides. Muni enters Ganesh's body and Ganesh starts behaving in a rude manner, his family couldn't understand why his behavior is weird so they seek the help of a priest (Nassar). Priest asks the ghost about his whereabouts. The ghost says that he is Muniyaandi (Rajkiran) and starts saying his flashback. Muniyaandi was a kind-hearted poor man living in the slums with his daughter and other people. Muni's friend is Marakka Dhandapani MLA (Kadhal Dhandapani) who uses Muni to make him win in elections and promises that he would give lands to the poor villagers. Dhandapani wins the election but he cheats Muni. Muni fights with Dhandapaani but he kills both him and his daughter. Dhandapaani lies to poor people saying that Muni and his Daughter had fled with the money he had given Muni for the welfare of the village residents. Ganesh accepts Muni and he enters his body. Ganesh enters Dhandapaani's household and terrorizes him and his assistants. Dhandapaani comes to know that the spirit of Muni resides in Ganesh's body so he gets a shaman (Rahul Dev) to save his life. The shaman bargains with Muni who agrees to let Dhandapaani go if Dhandapaani repents and helps the poor villagers. In the climax, at Ayyanaar temple, Dhandapaani confesses to the people that he had actually killed Muni and Muni's daughter. Dhandapaani then leaves money with the villagers. Muni talks with the people and eats the feast prepared by them. The shaman instructs Muni to leave Ganesh's body and he does. However, Dhandapaani had lied and was planning to get back all his money from the villagers. Ganesh, upon hearing this kills Dhandapaani while pretending to be still possessed by Muni. The shaman sees through this act of Ganesh but instead does nothing as the shaman sees the injustice done by Dhandapaani.


The film's original soundtrack has been composed by Bharathwaj.

Critical reception

Muni received generally mixed reviews from critics. called the movie a visual treat from Lawrence.

Box office

The film grossed around 15 crore worldwide and commercial success


Muni 2: Kanchana, the sequel of Muni, released on 15 July 2011 in Andhra Pradesh and 22 July 2011 in Tamil Nadu with a different cast except Raghava Lawrence and Kovai Sarala and became a Super-Hit. Muni 3: Ganga was released on 16 April 2015 and also became a Blockbuster. A fourth installment titled Muni 4-Urvashi was announced.


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