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Muhyi ad Din Muzaffar Jang Hidayat

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Religion  Islam
Name  Muhyi Muzaffar
Royal line  Hyderabad State
Battles/wars  Carnatic Wars
Rank  Subedar
Battles and wars  Carnatic Wars
Allegiance  Mughal Empire
Role  Ruler

Muhyi ad-Din Muzaffar Jang Hidayat

Died  February 13, 1751, Lakkireddipalle

Service/branch  Nizam of Hyderabad

Muhyi ad-Din Muzaffar Jang Hidayat (died 13 February 1751) was the ruler of Hyderabad briefly, from 1750 to his death in battle in 1751. His official name was Nawab Hidayat Muhi ud-din Sa'adu'llah Khan Bahadur, Muzaffar Jang, Nawab Subadar of the Deccan. He was also given a very pompous title like his predecessor and rival Nasir Jung; it was Nawab Khan Bahadur, Muzaffar Jung, Nawab Subadar of the Deccan. He became famously known as Muzaffar Jung.



He was born to Nawab Talib Muhi ud-din Mutawassil Khan Bahadur who was the Naib Subahdar (Deputy Governor) of Bijapur and his wife Sahibzadi Khair-un-nisa Begum who was the daughter of Nizam-ul-Mulk.


Initially, he was appointed to an Imperial mansab of 3,000 zat and 2,000 sowar and later promoted to 4,000 zat on his appointment to Bijapur. He was Subadar of Bijapur after the death of his father. When his grandfather Nizam-ul-Mulk died in 1748, he decided to stake his claim to the throne in opposition to his uncle, Nasir Jung. This resulted in the first major direct involvement of the Europeans in Indian domestic politics. He joined hands with his Carnatic ally Chanda Sahib and the French while Nasir Jung joined hands with his Carnatic ally Muhammad Ali Khan Walajah and the British. Eventually the serious situation in Deccan and Carnatic would result in the Second Carnatic War. During the war Muzaffar Jung was briefly captured in March, 1750 after the Battle of Villianur. But after the assassination of Nasir Jung, he was released and took the throne of Hyderabad, 16 December 1750. He granted territories and titles to Dupleix and the French on 31 December 1750. He failed however, to honor his Afghan allies in a similar way. The resulting disagreement led to the Battle of Lakkireddipalli Pass in the Rayachoti taluka, Kadapa district, where the Nawab of Kurnool struck him in the head with a spear, 13 February 1751 killing him instantly.

The Nawab of Kurnool and Savnur were also killed. At this critical juncture the French commander De Bussy made the decision to install Salabat Jung as the new Nizam.


Muzaffar Jang had only one son named, Nawab Muhammad Sa'ad ud-din Khan Bahadur who was a minor at the death of his father in February 1751. He became Subedar of Bijapur in 1751. But died later from smallpox.

Positions held

  • Subadar of Bijapur.
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