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Muhammad Amin Khan

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Name  Muhammad Khan

Muhammad Amin Khan was Khan of Turpan from 1682 to 1694. He was the younger brother of Abd ar-Rashid Khan II and the grandson of Ismail Khan (Moghul khan).


Struggle for revival of the Khanship

Muhammad Amin Khan tried to re-established his authority as khan and sought external support. He twice sent tribute to the Qing government in the name of khan of Turfan, and sent an embassy to the Mughal Court in India in 1690. The next year he dispatched an embassy to Subhan Quli, the Khan of Bukhara (1680–1720), seeking help against 'Qirkhiz infidels' (meaning the Dzungars), who 'had acquired dominance over the country'

War against the Dzungars

In 1693-94 Muhammad Amin Khan led an expedition against Ili, the Dzungar capital, capturing over 30,000 kalmuks or oirats.


The Khan was overthrown and killed during a revolt by Afaq Khoja's followers in 1694. Afaq khoja's son Yahya Khoja took the throne but the rule of the White Mountain Khoja lasted for only two years. Afaq Khoja and his son were both killed in succession during local rebellions.


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