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Alternative names
Musabbaha, mashausha

Place of origin
Hors d'oeuvre

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Main ingredients
chickpeas, cumin, parsley, lemon juice

Fatteh, Sabich, Jameed, Ful medames, Shakshouka

msabbaha chickpeas with tahini souce - just Arabic food

Msabbaha (Arabic: مسبحة‎‎, also romanized musabbaha, lit. meaning "swimming") is a variation of hummus popular in the Levant. In the Galilee it is also known as mashausha (Arabic: مشوشة‎‎).



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The main difference between msabbaha and hummus is the texture. In contrast with hummus, the Chickpeas here remain whole. Like hummus, it is eaten with fresh pita bread.

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The base of the dish is balila: warm cooked chickpeas in their own water with a little added cumin, chopped parsley and lemon juice. Pine nuts fried in olive oil or samneh (clarified butter) are sometimes poured over the balila. Other ingredients include tahini and minced garlic.

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A variation of msabbaha popular in Damascus today serves chickpeas and tahina with melted butter, pomegranate or lemon juice, and pistachios or pine nuts. In Israeli restaurant, it is known as masabacha or mashawsha and is served with warm with side dishes such as mushroom, aubergine based dishes and often served with a hot sauce condiment. It is sold prepackaged and is considered a gourmet version of hummus by Israelis.


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