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Mouse Trouble

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Film series  Tom and Jerry
Music director  Scott Bradley
Mouse Trouble movie poster
Language  none (text in English)
Director  William Hanna Joseph Barbera
Release date  November 23, 1944 (original release) (Thanksgiving Day) December 12, 1951 (re-release)
Directors  William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Cast  William Hanna, Sara Berner
Awards  Academy Award for Best Short Film (Animated)
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Tom jerry mouse trouble super 8

Mouse Trouble is a 1944 American one-reel animated cartoon and is the 17th Tom and Jerry short produced by Fred Quimby and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, with music by Scott Bradley (the music is actually based on the popular jazz song "All God's Children Got Rhythm"). The cartoon was animated by Ray Patterson, Irven Spence, Ken Muse and Pete Burness. The cartoon won the 1944 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, the second consecutive award bestowed upon the series. It was released in theatres on November 23, 1944 by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer and reissued on December 12, 1951.


Mouse Trouble movie scenes Mickey Mouse even makes a showing in the Lion King there is no official list

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Mouse Trouble movie scenes Oliver Company Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective and Scooby Doo are hidden among the photos in the Perfect Isn t Easy scene

Tom opens a delivered box and finds a book on how to catch mice and for the rest of the cartoon, he takes its advice to attempt to catch Jerry.

Mouse Trouble movie scenes 27 Reasons Why quot The Great Mouse Detective quot Is The Greatest Disney Movie

The first thing the book suggests is to locate the mouse. Tom locates the mouse reading the book with him, but when he tries to grab Jerry, the mouse steps off the book and slams Tom's nose in it.

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Tom sets out a simple mouse trap. Jerry, however, succeeds in freeing the cheese without setting the trap off. Shocked at the trap's failure, Tom tests it, and the trap snaps as soon as he touches it. Tom then sets a snare trap around a piece of cheese and gets ready to pull the string but is distracted by a bowl of cream substituted for the cheese by Jerry. Jerry activates the trap, sending the cat out to the tree himself.

Mouse Trouble movie scenes Between the two movies there are many differences but some surprising similarities One is that the main character both use their brains and create plans

Practicing the "A Curious Mouse is Easy to Catch" chapter, while Tom is reading the book and guffaws, Jerry curiously ventures out of his hole and is slammed into the book. But when Tom grabs him, Jerry pulls the same trick on him with his fists, punching Tom in the eye. Tom corners Jerry and is about to pounce him, but Jerry fights back and beats Tom. Bruised and battered, Tom drones "Don't you believe it!" - a cultural reference to the distinctive jingle on the 1940s radio show Don't You Believe it!

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At this point, Tom stops reading from chapter-to-chapter and tries suggestions he thinks will work. Upon reading Chapter VII: "Be scientific in your approach", Tom uses a stethoscope to listen for Jerry within the walls of the house. This backfires when Jerry screams into the microphone, almost deafening Tom. Tom then forces a double-barreled shotgun into Jerry's mousehole. However, the barrels protrude out of the wall and point straight at Tom's head as the cat fires and ends up razing his head. In the next scene, Tom sets a bear trap and sticks it inside Jerry's hole. Jerry walks outside from another hole behind Tom and puts the trap behind him, which triggers as Tom sits down. Tom then tries to use a mallet to flatten Jerry, but Jerry pops out of a hole behind a picture right above Tom, grabs the mallet, and hits him. Tom then attempts to disguise himself in a gift box. Jerry, seeing the box, knocks on it, hearing no response. Jerry sticks a bunch of pins into the box while Tom whimpers in pain before sawing the box in half. Jerry looks inside the box, and in horror, he gulps and displays a sign reading "IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?"

Mouse Trouble movie scenes

Now covered in bandages, Tom winds up a female toy mouse which repeatedly says "come up and see me some time". Jerry, noticing the toy, walks with it. Tom attempts to lure Jerry into a mouse-sized pretend hotel which is named "cozy arms", the door of which leads into Tom's open mouth. Jerry ushers the toy mouse into the hotel first, which causes Tom to eat it and breaking it (shattering his teeth in the process).

Seeing that no advice from the book works, Tom attempts to blow away Jerry with dozens of explosives (TNT, gunpowder, dynamite and a massive block buster that resembles the atom bomb Fat Man). When Tom ignites a piece of dynamite cautiously, it doesn't start the fuse enough, so he blows the fuse too hard. This causes the fuse to be fired immediately and erupted. Nothing at all remains of the house except Jerry (who remains unharmed after the explosion) and his mousehole, while a fed-up Tom, this time with a spirit form, is seen on a cloud floating to heaven, repeatedly hiccuping "come up and see me some time" ad infinitum.

Voice cast

  • Harry E. Lang and William Hanna as Tom
  • Sara Berner as the female mouse toy
  • William Hanna as Jerry
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