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Mother Riley Meets the Vampire

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John Gilling

Val Valentine

Music director
Lindo Southworth



Comedy, Horror

Film series
Old Mother Riley Series



Mother Riley Meets the Vampire movie poster

Release date
July 1952 (UK) September 1952 (US) 1963 (US re-release)

Bela Lugosi
(Von Housen),
Arthur Lucan
(Mrs Riley),
Dora Bryan
Philip Leaver
(Anton Daschomb),
Graham Moffatt
(The Yokel)

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Mother Riley Meets the Vampire, also known as Vampire Over London or My Son the Vampire is a 1952 British horror comedy film directed by John Gilling, starring Arthur Lucan and Bela Lugosi that was filmed at Nettlefold Studios.


Mother Riley Meets the Vampire movie scenes

This was the final film of the Old Mother Riley film series and did not feature Lucan's former wife and business partner Kitty McShane whom he had divorced in 1951.

Mother Riley Meets the Vampire movie scenes

In 1963, a recut American version called My Son, the Vampire was released, featuring an introductory segment with a song by American comedian Allen Sherman.

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Mother Riley Meets the Vampire Mother Riley Meets The Vampire Renown Pictures 1952 The Bela

Von Housen seeks to dominate the world from his headquarters in London with an army of 50,000 radar controlled robots powered by uranium. He believes himself to be a vampire and has several young women abducted, most recently Julia Loretti who has a map to a uranium mine that he needs for his army.

Mother Riley Meets the Vampire Mother Riley Meets the Vampire 1952 The Spooky Isles

At the moment, Van Housen only has one functional robot which is shipped to him and through a mistake is shipped to Old Mother Riley's store with Mother Riley's package sent to Van Housen. Seeing Mother Riley's address in the label, Van Housen sends his robot to abduct Mother Riley to his headquarters.


Mother Riley Meets the Vampire Mother Riley Meets The Vampire Renown Pictures 1952 The Bela

  • Arthur Lucan as Mrs. Riley
  • Bela Lugosi as Von Housen
  • MarĂ­a Mercedes as Julia Loretti
  • Dora Bryan as Tilly
  • Philip Leaver as Anton Daschomb
  • Richard Wattis as PC Freddie
  • Graham Moffatt as the Yokel
  • Roderick Lovell as Douglas
  • David Hurst as Mugsy
  • Judith Furse as Freda
  • Ian Wilson as Hitchcock, the butler
  • Hattie Jacques as Mrs. Jenks
  • Dandy Nichols as Mrs. Mott
  • Cyril Smith as Mr. Paine, the Rent Collector
  • George Benson as Police Sergeant
  • Bill Shine as Mugsy's Assistant
  • John Le Mesurier as Scotland Yard officer (uncredited)
  • Production

    Mother Riley Meets the Vampire Mother Riley Meets The Vampire Robot Fails To Sell At Auction The

    On the suggestion of producer Richard Gordon, Bela Lugosi had travelled to England to appear in a stage play of Dracula which failed. He needed money to return to the US. Gordon persuaded fellow producer George Minter to use Lugosi in a movie in London. Arthur Lucan had made a number of Old Mother Riley movies and it was felt that Lugosi's presence in the cast might give it a chance of success outside England.

    Lugosi was paid $5,000 for his role. The plot was taken from Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

    Gordon says that although John Gilling was credited as producer, George Minter was the real producer. Filming took four weeks.

    Richard Gordon recalled that there were plans to shoot additional scenes with Lugosi and without Arthur Lucan for the American market but the idea was never put into place.

    Gordon also stated that the film emphasised that Lugosi's character was not a real vampire so it would get a U certificate allowing children, who were Old Mother Riley's biggest audience, to see it.

    Lucan's understudy Roy Rolland stood-in for him in the more physical stunts in the film.


    The film was not a success in the box office and was not released in the US until 1963.

    It was to have been titled Carry On, Vampire for its later American early 1960s release but Anglo-Amalgamated successfully sued with the title changed to My Son, the Vampire as a tie in to Allen Sherman's My Son, the Folksinger hit comedy record.


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