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Mostafa Mofidi

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Mostafa Mofidi

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Mostafa Mofidi (born 1941) is an Iranian translator.


Early life

Mostafa Mofidi, translator and essayist in Iran. Born in 1941 and graduated as M.D. (general practitioner) from the Medical Faculty at University of Tehran.

Collections of translation in Persian


  • Fuentes, Carlos, Distant Relations, 2002, Niloofar Publications. ISBN 964-448-180-1.
  • Allende, Isabel, A portrait in Sepia, 2002, Niloofar Publications. ISBN 964-448-196-8.
  • Cortazar, Jolio, Final Exam, 2003, Niloofar Publications. ISBN 978-964-448-205-2.
  • Sabato, Ernest, On Heroes And Tombs, 2nd edition,2011. Niloofar Publications. ISBN 964-448-268-9.
  • Arguedas, Jose Maria, Deep Rivers, 2007. Niloofar publications. ISBN 978-964-448-346-2.
  • Sabato, Ernesto, The Tunnel, 2008, Niloofar publications. ISBN 978-964-448-295-3.
  • Mcewan, Ian, Atonement, 2012, Niloofar Publications.
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