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Moskovskyi Bridge

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Carries  Automobiles
Locale  Kiev, Ukraine
Designer  A.V.Dobrovolsky
Height  119 m
Width  31 m
Location  Kiev
Crosses  Dnieper River
Longest span  300 m
Engineering design by  G.B.Fux
Opened  3 December 1976
Total length  816 m
Moskovskyi Bridge duplojovancomuai2010kyivmoskovskyymistkyi
Architects  Georgy Fuks, Anatoly Dobrovolsky
Similar  Pivdennyi Bridge, Kiev Fortress, Valeriy Lobanovskyi Dynamo, Poshtova Ploshcha, Hydropark in Kiev

Moskovskyi bridge climb kiev 2014

The Moskovskyi ("Moscow") Bridge (Ukrainian: Московський міст) is a structure in Kiev, Ukraine, built in 1976. It is a cable-stayed bridge, designed by the architect A. V. Dobrovolsky and engineer G. B. Fux, with the beam of the main span being held by a cluster of steel ropes which are fixed to a 119 m (390 ft) tall A-pylon.


Map of Moskovs'kyi Bridge, Kyiv, Ukraine

Moskovskyi bridge


The bridge is actually a composition of two main bridges: a 816 m (2,677 ft) long and 31.4 m (103 ft) wide across the Dnieper, a 732 m (2,402 ft) long, 29.1 m (95 ft) wide across the Desenka (Desna distributary) and includes a road interchange at Stepana Bandery prospect and Heroyiv Stalingrada prospect.

The major feature of the bridge its pylon 119 m (390 ft) in height. It is located on the Trukhaniv Island and providing support for the main span across Dnieper River.

It is a key structure on the northern end of the Kiev Smaller Beltway, connecting Petrivka to the densely populated north-eastern residential neighborhoods. From the moment of its construction the bridge was built as a high-speed motorway, which it remains to this day.


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