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Mor Gregorios Jacobite Students' Movement

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Established  6 May 1922
Mor Gregorios Jacobite Students' Movement
Motto  To Serve and Bear Witness
Religious affiliation(s)  Oriental Orthodox Church
Denomination  Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
Patron saint(s)  Saint Gregorios Of Malankara
Founders  St Paulose Mor Athanasiaus

Mor Gregorios Jacobite Students' Movement (MGJSM) is the student wing of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church. It is the oldest Christian student organization in India. The Headquarter of MGJSM is located at Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary of Ernakulam District in Kerala.



Though being a spiritual organisation this gives emphasis to social activities of its members and doesn't have Cate or religious boundaries

  1. To foster the universal brotherhood of the mankind.
  2. To equip the students to face the challenges of the modern world and to overcome difficulties of campus life.
  3. To uphold the ethical and moral values of human life.
  4. To enhance the social commitment among students.
  5. To encourage students to work as a team and spread the feeling of oneness.
  6. To impart leadership qualities.
  7. To promote the talents and abilities of the students
  8. To imbibe in Christian values,faith,and traditions, provide spiritual insight and strengthen faith in God.


Founded in 1907 as "Syrian Students Conference", it is the first Student Christian Movement in India.It conducted annual conferences till 1912 on a regular basis. Then the problems in church caused a degeneration in the organization and the annual conferences were abandoned.

Later on 6 May 1922, a special convention of the Students of the Jacobite Syrian Church was convened at the Cheruthottukunnel St. George Church of Angamaly diocese (in Pallikkara Region), under the initiative of St Paulose Mor Athanasius of Aluva (Valiya Thirumeni). In that meeting Thirumeni proposal of naming the organization after his spiritual mentor, St. Gregorios Geevarghese of Parumala was accepted. Thus 'Mar Gregorios Syrian Vidhyarthi Sangam' (also called Mar Gregorios Syrian Students Association - M.G.S.S.A) came into existence as the student wing of Jacobite Church. This was the first ever student's organization that adopted the name of St. Gregorios of Parumala.The movement gained momentum after this conference and started conducting conferences annually. Units were established in every parish and educational institution with a minimum of 10 Jacobite students. Valiya Thirumeni nourished the organization into becoming the 'back bone' of Jacobite Church. By 1950 the movement had nearly 500 units and a total of nearly 20000 members.During this period most of the church leaders were alumni of MGSSA.

In 1960 MGSSA and St Thomas Syrian Students of Mertran kakshi, as it merged with Jacobite Church, merged to form Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement Mgocsm. During this period the Students Movement showed exponential growth and is said to have nearly 700 units and more than 25000 members.But this 'Golden Era' was of short term and soon in 1972 both the churches split apart thus splitting erstwhile Mgocsm. From 1972 the organisation had a shunt growth as most of the units became inactive and many became non-existent. After 1976 the student's movement underwent through different stages, the name of the movement was changed into SOSMI (Syrian Orthodox Students Movement of India)which flourished in colleges and the school and parish units were abandoned. It had only 25 but strong units nearly 1000 members and current President H G Kuriakose Mor Theophilose, then as a priest, was the main activist. In 2002 when the revised constitution was adopted by the Jacobite Church the name of the student wing was also changed as JASSMI (Jacobite Syrian Students Movement of India).

In the century year of Metropolitan Consecration of St Athanasius, the Holy Episcopal Synod of Jacobite Syrian Christian Church held at Puthencruz in the Month of June 2009 decided to the change the name of the Organisation as MGJSM ( Mor Gregorios Jacobite Syrian Students Movement),in the name of St Gregorios of Parumala in whose name St Athanasiaus started the students movement in the church. The renaming gave an unbelievable enthusiasm and has led to a rapid growth in the organization which now has more than 250 units and 25000 members. Annual Leadership Camp named LUMINA is conducted every year from 2011.The first Regional Office was inaugurated at St Mary's Jacobite Cathedral, Morakkala for Pallikkara Region. H G Kuriakose Theophilose Metropolitan has been leading this rapid Growth of MGJSM from 2009 onwards. Spiritual leaders like Fr Bobby, Fr George, Fr Elias, Fr Tijo, Dn Anish, Dn Thomas Student leaders like Shinil Thuruthummel, Akhil Peediyakkan, Biju N Raju, Joseph Renjith, Rukma George, Princy Jose, Thomas Elias, Akhil Pallikkara etc. have been instrumental in this rapid growth.


MGJSM Officebearers from 2009

Lumina Live

This is part of Media wing and does Live telecasts of events

Gregorian Melodies

This is the official choir of MGJSM. Under this Regional choirs are active in Angamaly and Kolenchery Region (St Ephrem's Melodies & Zakka Voice)

Bazz Hunters

This is a nasik dhol band

Outside Kerala

  3. DELHI
  4. ERODE
  10. SALEM
  12. UK(JSOSM)
  13. US(MGSOSA)

Student centers

Student Centers are established in places with numerous Jacobite Students living away from home. Each center has separate boys and girls hostel,a chapel, an auditorium,mess etc.Student Centers are going to be established in the following places

  1. Mysore
  2. Coimbatore
  3. Manglore
  4. Kothamangalam

Coaching centers

MGJSM is striding forward to establish coaching centers that can help its members attain a successful career. The proposed centers are as follows:

  1. Civil Service Academy
  2. Entrance Coaching Center
  3. PSC Coaching Center
  4. English Coaching Center


The annual three-day camp held at MSOT Seminary.The first version was in 2011. Lumina has become the most watched out event of any Student Christian Organisations in India, due to its rapidly increasing number of participants.

Regional camps

Different regions conduct 1 or 2 days camps for the members of that region like EDIFY by Pallikkara Region and Annual Camp by Kothamangalam Region.

Meetings and classes

  • Weekly/monthly prayer meetings
  • Bible study,seminars and discussions
  • Counselling,meditation and lessons of concentration

    This is an Inter Regional Conference of MGJSM.Initially it had 7 Regions-namely Pallikkara, Kochi City, Angamaly, Kolencherry,Koothattukulam, Perumbavoor, Kothamangalam-thus causing the name VIBGYOR. Later more Regions were added.

    Cultural programs

    MGJSM conducts cultural programs at Regional and Unit levels

    1. Christmas Celebration like Jingle Bells by Muvattupuzha Region and Yule by Pallikkara Region.


    MGJSM conducts arts and sports competition for its members notable being VANQUISH by Pallikkara Region

    Charity work

  • Educational Aid
  • Educational Instruments Distribution
  • Aid to people in hazard stricken areas
  • Public service

    Public awareness programs

    1. Against social evils like

  • Narcotic Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Abuse towards women
  • 2. About Diseases

  • AIDS
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Eye Disease
  • 3. About Law Obedience

  • About Road Safety
  • Cyber Crime
  • MGJSM also conducts Service Activities like

  • Cleaning week
  • 'Helping the Old' Scheme
  • Tree planting scheme
  • Medical camps
  • Dental camps
  • Awards

    Awards and prices are given to Best Units, Regions and also members who have excelled in academic,sports,social and arts fields.

  • Best Region Award
  • Best Unit Award
  • Proficiency Prizes
  • Scholarship
  • Committee

    President: H G Kuriakose Mor Theophilos

    Vice President: Rev Fr Thomas Pothicote (Seniors Wing)

    General Secretary: Rev Fr Tijo Markose

    Secretary: Biju N Raju

    Joint Secretary: Ria Susan Sabu (Kollam & Trivandrum Regions)

    Treasurer: Basil C Eldhose


    1. Shinil Paul Mathews Thuruthummel (Ex-Oficio, Bangalore Region)
    2. Akhil Peediyakkan (Charity Wing)
    3. Alias Paul Urumath (Pallikkara Region)
    4. Jithu George (Kolenchery Region)
    5. Arun (Kottayam Region)
    6. Syno Paul (Koothattukulam Region)
    7. Ebin Eldho (Kothamangalam Region, Media Wing)
    8. Eldhose T K (Kochi Region)
    9. Mintu P Eldhose (Perumbavoor Region)
    10. Ankith Sabu (Muvattupuzha Region, Campus Wing)
    11. Godly (Angamaly Region)
    12. Basil Chako (Malabar Region)
    13. Jerin Jacob Paul (Program wing)


    Mor Gregorios Jacobite Students' Movement Wikipedia

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