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Monmouth Mayhill railway station

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Place  Monmouth
Grid reference  SO514128
4 August 1873 (1873-08-04)  Opened
Area  Monmouthshire
Post-grouping  Great Western Railway
Platforms in use  1
Monmouth Mayhill railway station httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Pre-grouping  Ross and Monmouth Railway
Similar  Monmouth Troy railway st, Monmouth Viaduct, Monmouth Fire and Rescue S, Monmouth Gasworks, War Memorial of the Ro

Monmouth Mayhill railway station (alternatively Monmouth May Hill railway station) is a disused railway station on the Ross and Monmouth Railway which was opened in 1873 and closed in 1959. It was one of two stations that served the town of Monmouth, Wales and was situated on the opposite bank of the river River Wye from Monmouth. It was the initial terminus of the line, but the line was extended across the River Wye to the junction station of Monmouth Troy in 1874 with the construction of the Duke of Beaufort Bridge.

Mayhill was originally opened as a temporary station, but it soon became permanent. It was built on the site of May Hill Wharf, where goods were loaded onto barges on the River Wye. Sidings at Mayhill once served a timber yard and gas works. The station building was demolished but the single platform still exists.


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