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Kingdom  Plantae
Subfamily  Nepetoideae
Scientific name  Monardella
Rank  Genus
Family  Lamiaceae
Tribe  Mentheae
Higher classification  Nepetoídeae
Order  Lamiales
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Lower classifications  Monardella villosa, Monardella odoratissima, Monardella macrantha, Monardella hypoleuca, Monardella purpurea

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Monardella is a genus of approximately 40 species of annual and perennial plants native to western North America from British Columbia to northwestern Mexico. They are grown for their highly aromatic foliage, which in some species is used for herbal teas. The two-lipped, tubular flowers are formed in terminal clusters and are most usually red, pink, or purple.


Monardella Monardella villosa Coyote Mint

Plants in this genus are commonly known as wildmints, coyote mints or monardellas.

  1. Monardella arizonica Epling - Arizona
  2. Monardella australis Abrams - southern California
  3. Monardella beneolens Shevock, Ertter & Jokerst - southern California
  4. Monardella boydii A.C.Sanders & Elvin - southern California
  5. Monardella breweri A.Gray - California, Nevada, Arizona, Baja California
  6. Monardella candicans Benth. - San Joaquín Valley of California
  7. Monardella douglasii Benth. - San Francisco Bay area of California
  8. Monardella eplingii Elvin et al. - Arizona
  9. Monardella eremicola A.C.Sanders & Elvin - southern California
  10. Monardella exilis (A.Gray) Greene - southern California, Arizona
  11. Monardella follettii (Jeps.) Jokerst - northern Sierra Nevada in California
  12. Monardella hypoleuca A.Gray - southern California, Baja California
  13. Monardella lagunensis M.E.Jones - Baja California Sur
  14. Monardella leucocephala A.Gray - Meced & Stanislaus counties in California but believed to be extinct
  15. Monardella linoides A.Gray - California, Arizona, Nevada, Baja California
  16. Monardella macrantha A.Gray - California, Baja California
  17. Monardella mojavensis Elvin & A.C.Sanders - Mohave Desert of southeastern California & southern Nevada
  18. Monardella nana A.Gray - California, Baja California
  19. Monardella odoratissima Benth. - mountain wildmint, mountain coyote mint or mountain pennyroyal - much of western North America from British Columbia south to southern California & New Mexico
  20. Monardella palmeri A.Gray - Santa Lucia Mountains of west-central California
  21. Monardella pringlei A.Gray - Mohave Desert of southeastern California but believed to be extinct
  22. Monardella purpurea Howell - Oregon, California
  23. Monardella robisonii Epling ex Munz - Mohave Desert of southeastern California
  24. Monardella saxicola I.M.Johnst. - southeastern California
  25. Monardella sheltonii Torr. ex Durand - Oregon, California
  26. Monardella sinuata Elvin & A.C.Sanders - coastal central California
  27. Monardella siskiyouensis Hardham - northern California
  28. Monardella stebbinsii Hardham & Bartel - Plumas County in northern California
  29. Monardella stoneana Elvin & A.C.Sanders - San Diego County in California, Baja California
  30. Monardella × subglabra (Hoover) Hardham - California (M. purpurea × M. villosa)
  31. Monardella thymifolia Greene - Cedros Island in Baja California
  32. Monardella undulata Benth. - coastal central California
  33. Monardella venosa (Torr.) A.C.Sanders & Elvin - central California
  34. Monardella villosa Benth. - (common) coyote mint - Oregon, California
  35. Monardella viminea Greene - San Diego County in southern California
  36. Monardella viridis Jeps. - northern San Francisco Bay area of California (Sonoma, Napa, Solano, & Lake Counties)
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Horticulture and ecology

Monardella Monardella macrantha Buy Online at Annie39s Annuals

Most like a sunny, sharply drained site and can be attractive in a rock garden or pot in the alpine house if smaller species are selected. The taller ones can be used at the front of a dry sunny border. They have reasonable frost resistance, but resent dampness in winter. Propagate from seed or summer cuttings of perennial species, or by division of clumps.

Monardella Monardella macrantha red monardella

Monardella is a nectar plant for many Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), including the endangered Myrtle's silverspot (Speyeria zerene myrtleae).

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Several species are rare California endemics; two, the Merced monardella (M. leucocephala) and Pringle's monardella (M. pringlei), have not been seen in many decades and are presumed extinct.

Monardella Coyote Mint Monardella Mountain Monardella Western Mountain Balm


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